No. Whilst there is a relevant entry on the tax declaration automatically, since a transfer of securities from one of your accounts to another does not constitute a sale of securities, you may delete the relevant row on the declaration.

These payments will be treated as profit distribution and, accordingly, will be subject to income tax at the corporation level. In addition, these disbursements may be subject to taxation at the natural person level. Accordingly, it would be definitely necessary to obtain confirmation from the issuer as to whether income tax has been paid or not. An explanation on this type of disbursement is available on the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB)

You can transmit your investment account report via the Internet bank, under the option Assets and Liabilities -> Investment Account Report -> Transmit to ETCB. Information can be transmitted from 15 February to 31 March. The information will be received the next day, at the latest (usually within an hour from transmission). Your information will reach the ETCB as preliminary information, and you will need to transmit it to your tax declaration by pressing a button.

LHV Pank will not transmit any information to the ETCB for you. Based on the system in use, you can obtain a tax report statement via the LHV Internet Bank. Once you have double-checked the accuracy of the statement, you will need to enter the information on your declaration manually, based on the report. The ETCB already has information about any transactions completed at the Estonian Central Register of Securities (ECRS), and the sales value of the transactions will have been transferred to your tax declaration. You will need to add any acquisition costs and transaction fees to the declaration yourself.

All LHV account types – Investment Contract, Growth, portfolio management, LHV Trader and LHV Broker accounts – can be declared to the ETCB as investment accounts.

We recommend that you have a look at the ETCB forum at and at the tax fora on the financial portal at Regarding investment accounts, you can read the Ministry of Finance investment account instructions (PDF). For further information, please contact the Estonian Tax and Customs Board by telephoning 1811.

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