Private banking – value your time and our experience

Private banking service

LHV’s Private Banking offers you full service and convenient solutions. We are much more than a traditional bank – we are innovative and have strong investment and entrepreneurship experience. We offer simple and convenient financial services and the best service.

  • Annual interest rate of 1% on the current account for up to EUR 1,000,000
  • Private Banking Card and Platinum Card
  • Personal client executive
  • Service by phone
  • Portfolio management service together with detailed reporting for financial assets with a volume exceeding EUR 100,000

Bank cards

To apply for the card, you must have a Private Banking Service Agreement.
Contact your Private Banker.

Platinum Card
  • Credit card with contactless payment function
  • Travel insurance for the entire family
  • Purchase insurance
  • Priority Pass with unlimited visits
  • Estravel Platinum Club membership
  • Interest 14%
  • Up to 40 days’ interest free period
Private Banking Card
  • Debit card with contactless payment function
  • Also enables payments over the Internet
Travel insurance with AIG for the entire family

The Platinum Card includes broad travel insurance coverage from AIG for you and the family members travelling with you, regardless of how you have paid for the travel.

What does the travel insurance cover?

Type of indemnitySum insuredExcess

Medical treatment expenses, accident during the trip€200,000 or up to one year
Medical treatment expenses, illness during the trip€200,000 or up to 45 days
Additional expenses related to the trip and accommodation in case of a trip extended by an accident or illnessup to 10 days
Medical equipment€200
Dental treatment expenses€200
24 h Travel emergency serviceCovered in the insurance
Medical transport to the nearest treatment facility€200,000
Transport back home in case of an illness or accident during the trip€200,000
Transport back home for a child travelling with the insured person€50,000
Transport back home for a deceased person€20,000
Travel, living and accommodation costs of a family member in relation to visiting the insured person at the hospitalUp to 2 persons, 5 days
Death by accident, persons over 16 years of age€100,000
Death by accident, persons under 16 years of age€5000
Permanent disability due to an accident, persons over 16 years of age€100,000
Permanent disability due to an accident, persons under 16 years of age€5000

Travel interruption
Cancellation of trip€2000
Tickets purchased to concerts or sporting events that were not used due to the cancellation of the trip€150€50
Missed departures€1000
Missed connecting flights€1000
Exchange of plant tickets due to cancellation of the trip or missed departures or connecting flights€150
Travel interruption€2000
Purchase of basic personal items due to a flight being delayedUp to €200 + €2004 hours + 24 hours
Purchase of basic personal items due to arrival of baggage being delayedUp to €4004 hours
Loss of baggage€1000

Third Party Liability insurance, for proprietary insurance€100,000
Third Party Liability insurance, for damages to health€100,000
Rental vehicle excess€100,000€100

Other costs
Recovery of documents€200
Phone calls made during an emergency€200
Legal assistance€10,000
Purchase insurance

The purchase insurance included with the Platinum Card covers all durable goods for which you have paid using your Platinum Card, for a period of 180 days after the purchase. The insurance is of help if the item is stolen or lost, and also if it should break due to your own fault.

Sums insured

For purchase insurance, a maximum sum insured is determined for each insured item, insured event and calendar year. The excess for each insured event is €30.

Insurance cover

  • Minimum purchase value €100
  • Maximum purchase value and indemnity per claim €5000
  • Maximum indemnity in a year per cardholder €10,000
  • Valid for 180 days
  • Excess €30
Priority Pass

Priority Pass – The Platinum Card comes with a Priority Pass membership card, which grants you free access to the VIP lounges of more than 1000 airports around the world. With the Platinum Card, you have unlimited access to Business Class Lounges. More detailed info and conditions.

Estravel Platinum Club travel service

Platinum Club members can pay with their ticket bought via Estravel at the Tallinn Airport Business Class Lounge and at the Platinum Club department of personal service Read more

Price list and terms and conditions

Monthly feeMonthly Private Banking Client fee € 30
European paymentsFree of charge
Current account interestannual 1% on up to 1,000,000 euros
Private Banking cardFree of charge
Platinum CardFree of charge
Priority PassFree for the cardholder, USD 27 per visitor
Travel insuranceApplies to the owner of the Platinum Card and the family members travelling with them. What does the travel insurance cover?
Member status in the Estravel Platinum ClubTravel service, club member’s permanent discounts and bonuses. Platinum Club info
Emergency replacement card or cashIf your card is lost or stolen abroad, you can order an emergency replacement card or cash
Holding of Baltic securitiesFree of charge
Holding of foreign securitiesUp to €30,000: free of charge. on the part exceeding €30,000: 0.015%
Baltic analysesFree of charge
Portfolio managementmonthly 0.1%, min €30 of the service. Read more
Prerequisites for becoming a Private Banking clientVolume of assets at LHV Pank €100,000

Always consider your credit decisions carefully. The financial service provider is AS LHV Pank. Review the Terms and Conditions at and consult our specialist. The annual percentage rate of the Platinum credit card is 11.95% per year on the following sample conditions: limit €4000, annual interest rate 14% (fixed), interest-free period 32 days, repayment sum of €4250.44, assuming that the limit is used immediately, in its full amount and returned in the course of one year in equal monthly instalments.


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