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Best private banking service

LHV Private Banking gives you priority access to fast service, exclusive benefits and many advantages.
We are providers of so much more than a traditional private banking – we are innovative and flexible, and we have strong investment and business experience.
We do our best to take care of you and make you feel special.

  • Personal client relationship manager for you and your businesses
  • Best and prioritized service for all banking products
  • Helpline for quick transactions, such as paying bills
  • Platinum Debit Card and Platinum Credit Card with exclusive and best-in-market travel insurance with benefits per person, not per card
  • Unlimited access to airport lounges for Platinum Credit and Debit cardholders
  • Annual interest rate of 1% on the current account is accounted on sums up to 1,000,000 €
  • Special interest rates on fixed-term deposits
  • Possible discounts from the price list for bank products
  • Special events for invited guests only
  • Portfolio management service together with detailed reporting for financial assets with a volume exceeding EUR 100,000

Bank cards

To apply for the card, you must have a Private Banking Service Agreement.
Contact us.

Platinum Debit Card
    • Debit card with contactless payment function
    • Travel insurance for the entire family
    • Purchase insurance
    • Priority Pass with unlimited visits
    • Estravel Platinum Club membership
    • Also available as a virtual card
    • Also enables payments over the Internet
    • From recycled plastic
Platinum card
Platinum Credit Card
    • Credit card with contactless payment function
    • Travel insurance for the entire family
    • Purchase insurance
    • Priority Pass with unlimited visits
    • Estravel Platinum Club membership
    • Interest 14%
    • Up to 40 days’ interest free period
    • Also available as a virtual card

The travel insurance coverage is valid up for personal and business trips up to 90 days anywhere in the world. Family members travelling with you are also insured.

We recommend that you order the Platinum Card in good time before the trip, as it can take up to a week for the card to arrive in the post and the insurance coverage will only take effect upon activation of the card.

The insurance covers medical care, baggage losses, travel cancellation and interruption and delayed departure. Comprehensive (motor hull) car insurance is also included. The sums insured are separate for each insured person and each insured event.

Covid-19 cover

  • If you contract Covid-19 while abroad and need medical care as a result, we will provide up to 1,000,000 euros compensation for medical costs.
  • If your trip is cancelled or interrupted because you or a travel companion contracted Covid-19 or was ordered to self-isolate, we will compensate up to 4,000 euros in costs related to travel curtailment per insured person.

Insurance coverage does not apply to loss events related to insufficient travel documents or other matters related to organization of travel. For example, if you are not allowed to enter a country due to lack of an appropriate coronavirus test or a country’s borders are closed, these expenses will not be covered. Nor are expenses related to Covid-19 testing and other documents necessary for travel covered. Also excluded: expenses incurred due to restrictions established on border crossing in the country of destination or country of transit. Be sure to read the travel advice posted by the Health Board and Ministry of Foreign Affairs while planning travel.

This travel insurance is provided by LHV Kindlustus. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of travel insurance for what is covered and excluded.

The table shows the sums insured for travel insurance, the indemnity limit and the deductible. These are the maximum amounts that LHV will compensate per Insured Person in the event of insured events during one trip. If the actual loss is smaller, it shall serve as the basis. The deductible is not applied to children under the age of 6 (incl.).

Insurance coverSum insured/limit of insuranceDeductible
Travel interruption insurance
Insured sum for travel interruption insurance€ 4,000€ 50
incl. the compensation limit for event tickets in the case of trip cancellation€ 150
incl. the purchase of essential items in the event of a public transport delay€ 200/€ 5004 hours/24 hours
Medical assistance insurance
Insured sum for medical assistance insurance€ 1,000,000
incl. the limit for insurance for dental treatment€ 500
incl. the limit for insurance for reimbursement of a medical device€ 200
Covid- 19 cover
Sum insured of medical assistance insurance€ 1,000,000
Sum insured in case of cancellation of the trip and placement into quarantine of the insured person€ 4,000
Baggage cover
Insured sum for luggage insurance€ 2,500€ 50
incl. the compensation limit for smart and video equipment€ 2,500€ 200
incl. the luggage delay compensation limit€ 1,000up to 4 hours
incl. the reimbursement limit for the replacement of documents€ 200
Accident insurance
In the case of a permanent disabilitySum of up to € 50,000
In the case of death (person over 16 years of age)€ 50,000
In the case of death (person less than 16 years of age)€ 2,000
Liability cover
Sum insured for liability insurance€ 100,000
incl. in the case of damage to sports equipment, premises, apartments or buildings in the possession or use of the Insured Person€ 5,000
Legal costs
Sum insured for legal expenses€ 10,000
Limit of insurance for security€ 5,000
Rental car insurance
Insured sum for rental car insurance€ 40,000€ 250
Rental car excess insurance
Sum insured€ 10,000

The purchase insurance included with a Platinum Debit Card provides 180 days of protection for durable goods that you have paid for with a Platinum Debit Card.
The insurance protects in various cases where an item has been broken, destroyed or stolen. For more information, please read the terms and conditions of insurance.

Purchase insurance is provided by LHV Kindlustus.

Insurance coverage
Validity 180 days
Deductible 30 euros

Sums insured
The sum insured is the purchase price of the insured object, in the extent to which LHV indemnifies the damage caused due to an insured event.
Minimum purchase price 100 euros
Maximum purchase price 5,000 euros

Limit of indemnity
5,000 euros for each insured event
Up to 10,000 euros per year

As a Platinum Card holder, you have access to VIP lounges at more than 1,500 airports worldwide, no matter which airline or cabin class you’re travelling with.

  • In the VIP lounge, you can enjoy services and amenities that allow you to escape from the bustling airport terminal.
  • Conveniently plan and manage your visits on the Priority Pass app and on the website. You will also find information on the selection of lounges and services at your destination.
  • As a client of LHV private banking, you are guaranteed unlimited free access to all Priority Pass lounges. For persons travelling with the cardholder, the entrance fee is $35.

Please note that the range of services available may vary between airports.

Download the Priority Pass mobile app

App Store badgeGoogle Play badge

Getting started:

  • First, download the Priority Pass mobile app on your phone.
  • Enter your Platinum Card number when activating the digital membership card for the first time on the mobile app.
  • Present your digital membership card or a valid LHV Platinum payment card to the VIP lounge staff at the airport. You do not need a separate plastic Priority Pass card.

The Platinum Card comes with an additional Mastercard Fast Track service, which allows you to have priority access to a dedicated lane straight to the airport security checkpoint.

  • Pass through airport security in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • No matter where in the world you’re travelling to, you have access to a reliable and secure transfer service at the airport.
  • Avail of special offers from participating restaurants.
  • You need to pre-book the priority queue and services through the Mastercard Fast Track mobile app.
  • Please note that the terms of service may change. Stay updated with the latest information

Download the Fast Track mobile app

App Store badgeGoogle Play badge

Getting started:

  • Make sure your Platinum Card accepts online purchases.
  • Download the Mastercard Travel Experiences mobile app or go to the website to create an account.
  • After logging in, select the airport at which you wish to use the service, and set the number of passengers and the time period.
  • Pay for the service conveniently using your LHV Platinum Card. The price is displayed in the currency of the respective airport; ensure you double-check this before making a payment.
  • Once you’ve paid for the service, you will receive an e-ticket (QR code) via e-mail or the app.
  • At the airport, present your e-ticket and you will be able to enter the security check through the fast track gate.

Platinum Club members can pay with their ticket bought via Estravel at the Tallinn Airport Business Class Lounge and at the Platinum Club department of personal service Read more

Notify us of the loss event as soon as possible and follow the instructions of the LHV loss assistance specialist.
In the case of a loss event, please fill in the travel insurance or purchase insurance damage notice form.

Claims and travel assistance
Tel +372 680 1122 (24/7)

Customer support
Tel +372 699 9111 (Mon–Fri 9 am–5 pm),

Price list and terms and conditions

Monthly fee

Monthly private banking client fee 100 €

European payments

Free of charge

Current account interest

Annual interest rate of 1% on the current account is accounted on sums up to 1,000,000 €

Platinum Card

Free of charge

Cash withdrawal using a Platinum Debit Card
  • From LHV’s ATMs: free of charge (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of 10,000 € per month)

  • ATMs of other banks: from the current account in Estonia, the United Kingdom and a contracting party to the EEA Agreement € 1 (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of 10,000 € per month) and, elsewhere abroad 2 € + 2.5% of the amount

Cash withdrawal using a credit card
  • 2 € + 2.5% of the sum
Priority Pass

Free card and lounge visit. The lounge visit fee of 35$ apply for persons travelling with the cardholder

Travel insurance

Applies to the owner of the Platinum Card and the family members travelling with them. What does the travel insurance cover?

Purchase Insurance

Applies to all durable goods that have been paid for with the Platinum Card. What does Purchase Insurance cover?

Member status in the Estravel Platinum Club

Travel service, club member’s permanent discounts and bonuses. Platinum Club info

Holding of Baltic securities

Free of charge

Holding of foreign securities
  • Up to 50,000 €: free of charge
  • On the part exceeding 50,000 €: 0.01%
Baltic analyses

Free of charge

Portfolio management

monthly 0.1%, min 30 € of the service, plus VAT. Read more

Prerequisites for becoming a private banking client

Volume of assets at LHV Pank 100,000 €

The EEA includes 27 EU Member States and 3 EFTA States: Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Always consider your credit decisions carefully. The financial service provider is AS LHV Pank. Familiarize yourself with terms and conditions of private banking and consult our specialist. The annual percentage rate of the Platinum Credit Card is 11.85% per year on the following sample conditions: limit 5,000 €, annual interest rate 14% (fixed), interest-free period 35 days, repayment sum of 5,316.62 €, assuming that the limit is used immediately, in its full amount and returned in the course of one year in equal monthly instalments.

Travel and Purchase Insurance is offered by LHV Kindlustus. The policyholder is LHV Pank AS. Review the terms and conditions of insurance, along with the limitations and exemptions, and ask for advice from our specialist.


Kaie-Liis Asu

Head of Private Banking

Kristina Galjanitš

Private Banking Client Manager

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680 2775

Taavi Tänava

Private Banking Client Manager

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684 6159

Olga Alamaa

Private Banking Client Manager

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680 2747

Siim Gontmacher

Private Banking Client Manager

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684 6884

Evelin Vahar

Private Banking Client Manager

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680 2619

Jürgen Pikunov

Private Banking Client Manager

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680 2669

Argo Metsaru

Head of Private Banking Investment Services

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684 6867

Mikk Taras

Portfolio Manager

Kaius Kiivramees

Portfolio Manager

Anastasija Belinko

Private Banking Specialist

Kristina Kempi

Private Banking Specialist

LHV portfolio management

The aim of portfolio management is to grow capital with moderate risk through economic cycles. In order to achieve the best long-term results, we manage investment portfolios actively, taking risks when prices are low and reducing risks when prices are high.


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