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Services to companies

At LHV, we like challenges because we can offer them well-thought-out and smart solutions. We have carried out several corporate action events of LHV Group: listing of shares on the Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange, capital raising with rights issue, share split, electronic voting at the general meeting, etc. For this purpose, we have created several technical solutions and thoroughly tested them on the best test customer - LHV Group. As the most demanding customer, we know that our solutions work, and we are ready to offer them to other companies as well.

Raising capital

LHV's experienced team offers support to your company in issuing securities and increasing the share capital both through a cash deposit and through a fund issue. We ensure quick and smooth capital raising for the company and for the investors who participated in the offer. In doing so, we provide support in communicating with securities register and stock exchange. Our goal is to ensure pleasant cooperation, smooth listing of securities and efficient settlement of investors' accounts.

E-voting at General meetings

We offer your company a convenient way to organize voting electronically at general meeting of shareholders. The LHV voting application helps conduct general meetings more conveniently by involving as many shareholders as possible providing to vote electronically at pre-voting and electronically at general meeting on spot. Shareholder votes cast during the pre-voting and the meeting form a single report that we transmit securely to the company.

On the website of the vote, shareholders can register their participation quickly and conveniently. Each shareholder can identify himself digitally using an ID card, Mobile ID, Smart ID or any other means.

The LHV e-voting application is web-based, which the shareholder can use via Internet on his phone or computer, regardless of location. Electronic voting makes it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights and provides a convenient opportunity for active participation in company management.

In addition, we also have a solution for split voting for representative account holders.

Option program

Valuing company's key employees is an increasingly relevant topic these days. Many companies want to retain their key employees for the long term and create an employee stock option program to do so. We offer support to companies in keeping the option program register. As a result, employees can see their options and their value in LHV Internet Bank. In addition, we offer support in the realization of options according to the conditions of the option program.


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