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Investment funds offer a convenient and simple access to stock markets

Investment funds – dispersed comprehensive portfolio with reasonable costs

  • Investment funds are the most convenient way to allocate your money on the stock markets
  • We offer you a wide selection of all kinds of funds, from both local and international management companies
  • It is also possible to invest into share fund managed by us

Share fund managed by LHV

LHV World Equities Fund

LHV World Equities Fund invests into the global stock markets. The fund’s portfolio has been dispersed between the developed markets (e.g. Western Europe, USA, Japan) and the developing markets (e.g. Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe).

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Other investment funds

LHV allows its clients to choose from a broad range of investment funds, managed by well-known Baltic and international fund managers. Investment funds offer a convenient access to a wide selection of pre-defined investment strategies compiled by professional asset managers. Read more


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