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All-risk equipment insurance protects equipment against unexpected damage

  • Coverage against manufacturing defects for two additional years
  • Free transport of appliances weighing more than 10 kg to and from the service
  • Home visit by a technician if possible
  • Defect detection free of charge in the event of a warranty case
  • Unlimited number of repairs
  • If the appliance cannot be repaired, we will replace it with an equivalent one

Accidents and thefts can never be anticipated. A phone can slip out of your hand or coffee can spill on your laptop. More than half of users have experienced damage to their smartphone or tablet glass. Sometimes an accident is caused by a child, a pet or thunder. In Estonia, an average of 20 people per day lose their phone due to theft.

Risk mitigation

To be able to enjoy your device without worry, you can get insurance coverage against both accidents and theft.

All-risk equipment insurance protects equipment against unexpected damage. Insurance can be purchased for a new device and it will be valid for up to two years.

Conclusion of agreement

You can obtain LHV extended warranty insurance and equipment insurance from our cooperation partners when you purchase the equipment. As a private individual, you can also sign an extended warranty insurance contract for an appliance later, within the statutory period for submitting complaints (up to two years after the date of purchase).

LHV’s cooperation partners are Euronics, Photopoint, Mobipunkt, Sound and vision, Tehnikastuudio, Arvutitark, IKShop, GPS Eesti and Evelatus.

Report a claim

If your device has a manufacturing defect during the extended warranty or an accident has occurred with the device, notify LHV Insurance as soon as possible.
To do this, complete a claim report
or call us at

Ask for advice

Call us at 699 9111 Mon–Fri 9–17 or email us at

Report a claim

Call us at 680 1122 or email us at

Damage assistance

To call home assistance, call 680 1122 any time, 24 hours a day


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