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Demand deposit

Earn interest on the money on the current account

An annual interest rate of 0.01% is applied to demand deposits, i.e. the money on the account

You will earn interest if there is at least 18,000 € on your account

The smallest sum paid is 1 cent

How is the interest sum determined?

Example: The balance on your current account is 18,000 €, that is present on the account on the 25th day of the current month. You will earn the following interest on the demand deposit.

First we calculate the interest sum of one day.

As the sum was on the account on the 25th day, then interest on the demand deposit will be paid to your account in the sum of 1 cent per each day, a total of 25 cents.

Did you know that

an LHV Au-client’s annual interest on a current account is 1%.
See how to become an Au-client

Starting from 2018, the state will tax the interest earned on the deposits of private individuals.
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