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LHV Growth Account makes investing easy

  • Minimum investments start from one euro
  • Payments can be either regular or one-time
  • Make payments conveniently with microinvestments
  • We conclude transactions with securities for you
  • Conclusion of agreement is free of charge
  • In the first year, there is no management fee

Now you can choose from the ten best US stocks in addition to your Growth Account portfolio:

Alphabet • Amazon • Apple • Berkshire Hathaway • Coca Cola • Facebook • Microsoft • Pfizer • Tesla Motors • Visa

You can buy them in fractions.

Selection of securities for automatic investments


Themes and regions

Otsi sümbolit

  • Alphabet
    Alphabet • GOOGL
    • USA
  • Amazon
    Amazon • AMZN
    • USA
  • Apple
    Apple • AAPL
    • USA
  • Berkshire Hathaway
    Berkshire Hathaway • BRKB
    • USA
    • USA
  • Facebook
    Facebook • FB
    • USA
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft • MSFT
    • USA
  • Pfizer
    Pfizer • PFE
    • USA
  • Tesla Motors
    Tesla Motors • TSLA
    • USA
  • Visa
    Visa • V
    • USA

No funds

Growth Account for home loan down payment

Use the calculator to see how long would it take you to achieve the necessary down payment via investing or simply via saving.

Investing via Growth Account may allow you to reach the necessary sum for the home loan down payment faster, as the money grows faster while investing it, versus saving it.

When signing a home loan agreement in LHV Bank, you can sell assets from your Growth Account with no fees.
View the Conditions of Growth Account Agreement.

Sell your funds in the desired amount from your Growth Account 2 weeks prior to the date of loan money being paid out. We will reimburse the fees associated to sales of the Growth Account funds within 2 weeks.

How long would it take to collect the down payment for the home loan via investing in comparison to saving?

Purchase price of the property




Monthly savings


Yearly yield

Down payment amount

Investing is related to opportunities and risks; the market value of securities may both increase and decrease. Currency fluctuations may affect the rate of return on foreign markets. Before making an investment decision, carefully examine the materials concerning the investment as well as potential risks and, if necessary, seek advice from an expert.

Income from investments is subject to taxation. Taxation depends on tax residency and legal form, but also on the type of income and other circumstances. We recommend contacting a tax advisor to obtain more detailed information.

Microinvestment with Growth Account

Microinvestment enables you to grow your investment portfolio without even noticing, investing up to 1 euro to your Growth Account with each debit card payment.

Did you know that microinvesting will help you to deposit approximately 1,1 euros to Growth Account on a daily basis, in a year it will grow up to 400 euros.

Microinvesting is targeted to customers who are ready to accept investment risk, value comfort and are determined to save money in the long-term. Microinvesting will help you to deposit approximately 1,1 euros to Growth Account on a daily basis, in a year it will grow up to 400 euros. If you invest this amount of money yearly throughout 25 years the value of your Growth Acccount will increase up to 40 000 euros provided the average annual growth rate is 10%.

This can be done by signing first the Investment Services Agreement, then setting up Growth Account Agreement via the internet bank. Finally, debit card has to used for payments in order to generate automatically microinvestments that are transferred to Growth Account.

Conclude the agreement

If you do not have a Growth Account yet, first conclude an Investment Services Agreement and Growth Account Agreement.

Activate and configure

Activate microinvestment service at Growth Account’s settings page located in the internet bank. If you wish, you can set an upper limit to the microinvestment sum for smaller payments.

Pay with debit card

Pay with LHV’s debit card and invest with every payment.

Please note! The microinvestment sum is not reserved automatically after each debit card payment. The card payments made during a 24-hour period are accumulated and on the next day the total sum will be calculated to be transferred to your Growth Account as a microinvestment.

If you do not have sufficient funds for the microinvestment at the time of the payment, then a) as much as possible will be taken from your account or b), if your account balance is zero, nothing is taken.

If you wish to stop making microinvestments, you can cancel the service in the internet bank.

Calculation of microinvestment

The sum of a debit card payment is rounded to the next integer.

Example. Your card payment is 2.1 euros. The next integer is 3 euros. The difference between the two numbers is 90 cents – that is the sum of the microinvestment.

Smaller payments

If you wish, you can set an upper limit to your microinvestments for smaller payments (up to 10 euros), which is 10% of the payment value.

Example. Your card payment is 2.1 euros. Usually your microinvestment sum would be 90 cents. By selecting 10% as the upper limit, the microinvestment sum is limited to 21 cents.

Gift your child a standing order to LHV Growth Account

  • If your child is not yet a client of LHV, open an account for him or her.

  • Log into the Internet Bank and choose the child’s role. First, conclude an Investment Services Agreement and then a Growth Account Agreement (‘Information and settings’ → ‘Agreements’).

  • Choose suitable Growth Account funds for your child’s portfolio.

  • Sign a standing order in your Internet Bank, as this way, every month a fixed sum will be received in your child’s Growth Account.

If you want to receive a Growth Account certificate for your child, please download our designed form to your computer and fill in the necessary fields.


A Growth Account is flexible and easy to open

  • Open an account and compile your investment portfolio
    When concluding an agreement you can choose up to six broad-based funds and / or individual shares and determine their ratios. The selected funds and their ratios can be changed later. Activate microinvestment for automatic payments.

    View the securities
  • Add money to your account
    The money you have contributed will be used on the basis of your portfolio to purchase new securities each Wednesday, between 11.00 and 19.00. If Wednesday is a market holiday, the purchases will be done on the next business day when the market is open.

    It should be remembered that after a sales transaction, new purchase transactions are not made for a period of eight calendar days.

  • Make a standing payment order
    Make a standing payment order for regular investments. The sum invested can be changed free of charge at any time and if needed, a break can be taken from the monthly payments.

    Standing payment order

How to get started with LHV Growth Account


Price list

Conclusion of agreement

Free of charge

Fee for a purchase transaction


Fee for a sales transaction

0.14% of trade value, min 9 €

LHV funds charge 1% fee, max 3 €

0 € is applied if the client sells Growth Account funds for home loan down payment before the loan money is paid out *

Management fee

0.02% per month (from 0,5 €; 0.01% on sums over 30,000 €), plus VAT; first year without management fee; management fee for persons under 26 years of age is 0 € **

Income and expense calculator for securities transactions

* Sell your funds in the desired amount from your Growth Account 2 weeks prior to the date of loan money being paid out. We will reimburse the fees associated to sales of the Growth Account funds within 2 weeks.

** Applies only for the first Growth Account.

View the terms and conditions, price list and risks of the Growth Account. Before making an investment decision, review the fund’s prospectus and key investor information and risks involved in the investment. We advise you to get acquainted with the fund and the costs involved in the investment service with the help of the resources available on the website.


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