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Machinery insurance

Insurance with safe and broad protection for machinery and their devices.

  • With the machine, all necessary devices and items permanently installed on it are also insured.
  • In case of total loss of a machine up to one year old, its new value is indemnified.
  • Salvage and transport costs of the machine are indemnified up to 5,000 euros.
  • In addition to the broad standard protection, it is possible to purchase insurance for the rental cost of a replacement machine.

Machinery insurance coverage

With LHV machinery insurnace is your non-road mobile machinery, tractor, trailer or its coupling device and special-purpose machine safely insured. Machinery insurance provides insurance cover if the machine is damaged, destroyed or lost due to an unexpected and unforeseen event described in the conditions.

Insurance coverage

Machinery insurance

Collision with a moving or stationary vehicle (inc. traffic accident)
Collision into an obstacle or immovable object
Damage during loading or unloading
Theft or robbery
New value cover
Sinking into the ground
Falling into a ditch or trench
Object falls on to the machine
Breakage of components and damage to the electrical system
Replacement machine rental cost

For additional cost

Unless otherwise stated in the policy, the insurance cover is valid only in Estonia.


LHV allows you to assign a deductible (Excess) to the contract and thereby make the insurance premium more affordable. LHV allows deductibles as follows:

Basic deductible:

  • €300
  • €500 (recommended)
  • €1,000
  • €1,500

Theft deductible:

  • Basic deductible
  • 15% (recommended)
  • 20%
  • 30%

Glass deductible:

  • Basic deductible (recommended)
  • 0%

Important: If more than two insured events occur in one insurance period, a double deductible is applied starting from the third insured event

Important information

Before signing the insurance contract, you must inform LHV Insurance of any damage to the machinery and, when signing the contract, confirm that the machinery has no damage that is not known to us.

Inform LHV Insurance of any potential increase in the insured risk at the earliest opportunity. An increase in the insured risk is, for example, sale of the machinery to a new owner, rebuilding or tuning of the machinery, or loss of the machine keys.

If you have chosen to pay the insurance policy in instalments, pay the instalments by the due dates specified in the policy. In case of non-payment, we have the right to withdraw from the contract or cancel it in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Law of Obligations Act. If the paid insurance premium (including an instalment) is less than the amount due as specified in the policy, the insurance premium shall be deemed not to have been paid.

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