Payment solutions

Simple and user-friendly payment solutions are important to us. European payments, deposits and reasonable withdrawals are free of charge for a company.

Online banking

Managing the day-to-day finances of your enterprise must be convenient and fast. You can manage your banking operations in the LHV Internet and Mobile Bank at the time and with the device that suits you best.


LHV Connect enables you to connect your company’s business software with our banking service.

Start-up account

When you start your own business, you need a start-up account, which is a temporary bank account. You can open it quickly and conveniently in the business portal.


We believe that flexible communication seeking mutually advantageous solutions is the foundation for any good banking relationship. We offer financing products to enterprises of various sizes and needs.


Always the best interest rates, when compared to the other bigger banks, on both fixed-term deposits and money kept on the account.


AS LHV Finance offers hire-purchase to clients of retail businesses. We offer fast answers to applications, affordable interest and quality customer service.

Comparison with other banks

Have you added up the amount you pay each year on banking services? At LHV you do not need to pay for event the smallest of operations: in the Internet Bank, European payments, deposits and reasonable withdrawals are free of charge for a company.

The comparison table has been compiled on the basis of an average Estonian company making 50 payments each month, using one MasterCard debit card and withdrawing EUR 500 each month from an ATM.

Monthly fee for an account€0€0€1€0€1
European payments€0€14.60€14.60€11.40€18.20
Debit card€2€1.28€1.50€2€1.50
Cash withdrawals€0€1.69€1.69€2.50€1.70

The data used in the comparison table has been sourced from the web pages of these credit institutions as at 5.12.2016.

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