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Have you added up the amount you pay each year on banking services? At LHV you do not need to pay for even the smallest of operations: in the internet bank, European payments, deposits and reasonable withdrawals are free of charge for a company.

Based on the sample profile, the average Estonian company makes up to 50 € payments, uses one MasterCard Business debit card, withdraws 500 € and deposits 300 € into ATMs each month.

This type of business client can save up to 207 € per year.1

Monthly fee for an account0 €0 €1 €1 €0 €
50 European payments0 €14,60 €14,60 €6 €11,40 €
1 Debit card (monthly payment)2 €1,50 €2 €2 €1 €
500 € cash withdrawals0 €1,69 €1,69 €2 €2,50 €
300 € cash deposit0 €0 €0 €3,50 €0 €
Total2 €17,79 €19,29 €14,50 €14,90 €

1 The data used in preparing comparison tables has been published on the web pages of their respective credit institutions as at 26.03.2020.

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