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LHV motor third-party liability insurance

Every vehicle entered in the traffic register and participating in road traffic must have valid motor TPL liability insurance.

  • Possibility to pay in instalments and select the payment frequency
  • Free towing service even if you caused the road accident
  • Fair, prompt and transparent claims handling


Motor TPL insurance is regulated by the Motor Insurance Act. An insured event is defined as causing damage to a third party, provided that the following circumstances occurred at the same time:

  • the damage was caused on the road or in another area used for conventional vehicle traffic;
  • the damage was caused by a vehicle that is subject to the insurance obligation;
  • there is a causal link between the movement or location of the vehicle and the damage caused.

A motor TPL insurance contract can be concluded for a period of up to one year. You can select an automatically renewed contract. To confirm the validity of the insurance cover, we will issue you a motor TPL insurance policy.

We will indemnify the motor TPL insurance client as follows per insured event:

  • up to 1,300,000 euros for property damage resulting from the destruction of or damage to the property (regardless of the number of persons incurring damage);
  • up to 6,450,000 euros in the event of personal injury (i.e. causing personal injury, damage to health or death).

Insurance coverage is valid

in the contracting states of the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation and other countries indicated on the green card - Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Great Britain.

Important to know. Green Cards issued by Estonian insurers are not valid for Russia and Belarus from June 1, 2023.

The following is not an insured event:

  • damage caused in a vehicle, including aircraft and watercraft, except upon driving on or off a ferry engaged in regular services;
  • damage caused in a place closed and separated for racing, training or another similar event;
  • damage caused in the territory of an aerodrome closed for public traffic (except for car parks where vehicles can be parked);
  • damage caused on a road or in another area used for conventional vehicle traffic at a time when the area was closed for public traffic;
  • if the vehicle with which the damage was caused was used in forestry, field or construction work or another similar purpose and the damage was caused directly in the course of performance of work;
  • damage inflicted to the vehicle by the impact of a stone coming from under the wheels of another vehicle in front of the insured vehicle;
  • damage because the vehicle cannot be used as a result of an accident.

If you want more protection for your vehicle, check out LHV’s comprehensive car insurance.

Important information

The insured vehicle in normal use must not be used as a rental vehicle or a taxi; for car-sharing services; or as a training, emergency, courier or security patrol vehicle. If you want to provide such services with your vehicle, indicate the relevant use in the insurance contract.

Inform LHV Insurance of any potential increase in the insured risk at the earliest opportunity. An increase in the insured risk is, for example, sale of the vehicle to a new owner, a change in the use of the vehicle, conversion or tuning of the vehicle, or loss of the vehicle keys.

If you have chosen to pay the insurance policy in instalments, pay the instalments by the due dates specified in the policy. In case of non-payment, we have the right to withdraw from the contract or cancel it in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Law of Obligations Act. If the paid insurance premium (including an instalment) is less than the amount due as specified in the policy, the insurance premium shall be deemed not to have been paid.

If you have chosen an automatically extended insurance contract, you will have to notify us at least two days before the end of the current insurance period if you want to terminate the contract. If LHV is not notified, the contract will be automatically extended for the next period.

Request a reminder and we will make you a new offer before the end of the current insurance coverage.

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