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Bank cards

Choose and order a bank card from the app directly to your mailbox

Activate or block your bank card

View card’s PIN code

Make credit card repayments

Change bank card limits

Add a bank card into your Wallet app and pay with Apple Pay

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Did you know that

if your phone has a screen lock, you can do all the daily banking operations on the app without logging in

it is convenient to make your daily payments on your phone since the recipient’s initials are enough to find the person

you can turn on low value payments under settings, i.e. you can make five consecutive payments of up to 30 euros without having to enter PIN2

you can turn on displaying your pension under settings

you can change the app’s language under settings

you can enjoy the service “Secure card payments online” with an appropriate bank card. To do this, set up the phone number to which your online purchase verification code will be sent

you can also manage your underage child’s account, perform all daily banking operations with it and change the limits of their bank card directly from your phone

you can request money through a channel suitable to you

Download the LHV app to your phone to be able to access your finances anywhere, anytime