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No accounting obligation

Calculation of taxes and payment to the Tax and Customs Board is automatic

Account opening without age restriction

What is an entrepreneur account?

An entrepreneur account is meant to be a way for a private person to operate as an entrepreneur in a bureaucracy free and affordable manner, without worrying about financial statements, monthly tax declarations and the payment of taxes – all of this takes place automatically under entrepreneur account entries.

An entrepreneur account is the best choice when one private person pays another private person for services or goods that they have provided, but, the entrepreneur account holder may sell services and goods to both private individuals and for businesses.

For income received in the entrepreneur account the tax liability incurred is fulfilled.

The business income tax rate is 20% from the amount received in the entrepreneur account if the amount does not exceed EUR 25,000 per calendar year and 40% to the entrepreneur account if income received exceeds EUR 25,000 per calendar year.

An individual that has opened an entrepreneur account is under no obligation to register as an entrepreneur or to keep a statement of revenue and expenditure.

When using an entrepreneur account you may not be a person liable to value added tax or operating as a self-employed person (FIE) in the same or similar area of activity.

How do you open an entrepreneur account?

Disly is a platform that makes hiring artists and entertainers for special events a breeze. Looking to attract clients and boost your bookings? Create your profile on Disly for free.

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Your Talents, Your Profits, with Disly

With Duuabl you can apply and develop your skills, find new clients and cooperation partners, start a business of your own and earn additional income as needed.

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Join the Duuabl Taskers community.

Earn extra income. Flexible working hours. Become a Bolt Food courier today using LHV Entrepreneur account.

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Make money delivering food

Make money when you want and become a co-owner of the Forus platform. Your decisions will define the direction for the development of the platform, and your ideas and feedback are of high importance. Open an LHV entrepreneur account and register as a Forus driver.

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Become a driver and a co-owner of Forus

Price list

Account opening

Free of charge

Account management fee (turnover up to 500 euros/month)

Free of charge

Account management fee (turnover from 500 (including annual) euros/month)

5 €

Account termination

Free of charge


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