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We are one of the leading providers of institutional brokerage services in the Baltics

We have access to a total of more than 600 institutional clients all over the world

LHV also provides brokerage services to institutional clients, such as investment funds, financial institutions and enterprises. We act as an intermediary in transactions made with Baltic shares as well as bonds. In addition to the public analyses, we value regular contact between enterprises and investors.


Our team covers almost 20 Baltic companies with their analysis, which makes LHV Pank the provider of the most comprehensive and in-depth analyses in the region.

The analysis team not only forwards news, but digs deep into the inner workings of companies and sectors to uncover details and discover future trends. In addition to the regular analyses, we publish reports and comments on other topics that interest institutional clients.

Trading information

On this page, LHV Pank will publish the volume, value and time of transactions concluded for other market participants outside the regulated market or multilateral trading facility on the bank's own account or in the name or on the account of a client with shares taken into trading on the regulated market.

Currently there are no transactions to be published.


Contact us for more information.


+372 6 800 420

+372 6 800 420


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