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Building renovation
For renovation or construction

Courtyards renovation
For renovating yards, fences, parking areas or outbuildings

Engineering services, audits, energy efficiency projects and installation of solar panels

Application steps

  • Complete the application
    Fill in the application for apartment association loan

  • Submit documents

    Send the following documents to
    1) annual report for the last financial year,
    2) balance sheet (not older than 2 months),
    3) income statement (not older than 2 months),
    4) price quotes for planned works.

  • Loan analysis
    If there are any questions or need for additional documents, our loan account manager will contact you.

  • Sign the agreement
    Once your application has been approved, we will digitally sign the loan agreement. We transfer the loan amount to the apartment association’s account according to approved volume of work as stated in documents.

Looking for financing for renovation of a residential building at favourable rates, lower energy consumption and a better quality of life for the residents? We offer the financing you need to get your renovation plans accomplished.

Interest rate of 1.29% + 6-month Euribor for improving energy performance

The offer applies to renovation of buildings aimed at reducing energy expenditures by at least 30%.

Price list and terms

For whom

Apartment association registered and operating in Estonia


Construction and renovation work on apartment buildings, energy efficiency projects, engineering expenses and expert opinions, renovation of courtyard, establishing parking spaces etc.

Loan amount

Starting from 20,000 euros


Starting from 0%

Loan period

Up to 30 years

Grace period

Up to 12 months

  • Apartment association’s claims against members
  • If necessary, surety from Credit and Export Guarantee Fund (KredEx) as additional collateral
Requirements for borrower
  • Apartment association with at least 10 apartments
  • No record of payment problems

Familiarize yourself with the conditions and, if necessary, ask for advice from our expert by calling one of the business loan managers below or by writing to


Marko Kiisa

Head of SME Financing

680 2650

680 2650

Kristi Liiv

Business Loan Manager

680 2629

680 2629

Helena Elster

Business Loan Manager

684 8235

684 8235

Mandi Soome

Business Loan Manager

684 6837

684 6837

Britta Arrak

Business Loan Manager


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