How fund performance affects your pension?

Total saved for II pillar
I pillar
II pillar
Expected pension
Accumulation period47 years
Average annual fund performance%2
Your age18
Gross monthly salary1000
Saved for retirement (by today)6000
Your contribution
State contribution
Fund performance
Fund performance
State contribution
Your contribution

In case of long term investment, the performance or the investment profit, the amount of which the collected sum increases or decreases, is of crucial importance. The pension calculator gives a simple overview of the crucial roles that the deposits from the monthly salary and the productivity of the fund play. How the calculator works?

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LHV Pensionifond Indeks Pluss

Fund performance in previous periods does not constitute a promise or indication of the yield of subsequent periods. Graphic shows a period starting from . The geometric average annual return for the last 2, 3 and 5 calendar years of the pension funds are available here.

Why does LHV make investments to Estonia?

Calculated risk

In a situation where all asset classes are very expensive, we prefer avoiding high-risk investments already for a prolonged period. LHV have started developing the local bond market by ourselves, competing with international banks as well as banks operating in Estonia for financing companies with growth ambition and local governments.
We know our country and entrepreneurs, which enables us to assess the local risks and opportunities better. Operating on the domestic market has its advantages.

Bigger rate of return

We are trying to find enterprises and activity areas where long-term investments of pension funds could facilitate new development and earn a larger-than-average income to the clients of our pension funds.

Why you should save for retirement?


1st pillar or state pension ensures your minimum monthly income. To receive a 2nd pillar pension or a mandatory funded pension, you will be paying 2% of your gross income, to which the state adds another 4%. The amount of the disbursement depends on the sum accumulated.

Switch funds free of charge

In 2017, the exit fees of pension funds, that used to amount to 1% of the pension assets accumulated, were eliminated. Now you can transfer the shares accumulated at one fund manager to another free of charge.

Rate of return

The sum you manage to raise is largely dependent on how much you have invested with the help of the state and how much the pension fund manager has grown the savings. In the case of a long-term investment, the investment’s rate of return or investment income, to the extent of which the sum grows or decreases, is of key importance.

Pension can be bequeathed

The assets of the pension fund can be bequeathed. Heirs are free to choose whether to withdraw the amount at once or to bequeath your fund shares. Income tax of 20% applies to the cash payments.

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