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A Cash Pool account will help you to manage your business’ cash flows more efficiently

A Cash Pool account may be useful for companies in all sizes, irrespective of the number of accounts

  • You will receive an overview of the cash balances of all of your businesses at LHV
  • You will create a loan market between businesses
  • You will save on interest and other service charge expenses

What is a Cash Pool account?

A Cash Pool account provides a complete overview of the cash balances of businesses belonging to the Group. It also provides the opportunity for the emergence of an internal loan market, which in turn would help to better direct available assets. Savings on interest and other service charge expenses arise from the uniform calculation of interest and, for example, thanks to the reduction in currency exchange costs.

How to conclude a Cash Pool contract?

To conclude a contract, contact your customer service representative or write to the address

Price list

Entry into contract

200 €

Amendment of contract

50 €


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