European payments are free at LHV
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Why choose LHV?

Free payments

LHV is the only bank in Estonia to provide everyone with free euro transfers within Estonia and Europe.

  1. Did you know that if you perform 10 transfers each month, you will save nearly 45 € per year in comparison with other banks?
Simple and convenient mobile bank

A bank in your pocket, any time and anywhere.

  1. Did you know that you can order notifications regarding deposits made into your account, change the limit on your bank card, and much more?
Mobile bank
Exciting bank cards with contactless payment capability

You can make purchases of up to 25 € without inserting the card into the payment terminal or entering your PIN.

  1. Did you know that when paying with your Partner Bank Card in Kaubamaja Group shops (including Selver) you could earn up to triple the bonus points?
Contactless cards
A broad selection of financing products

Find the solution that best meets your needs. Whether it’s a home loan, consumer loan, leasing or something else.

  1. Did you know that the premature repayment of your home loan is free at LHV?
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Excellent investment opportunities

You can deposit or invest your money at LHV. We offer investment advice, portfolio management, and convenient trading platforms.

  1. Did you know that with an LHV Growth Account you can begin investing with as little as 1 € per month?
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