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European payments are free at LHV
Calculate how much money you will save if you make your transfers from LHV

Monthly savings of
Yearly savings of

Did you know that
e-identification takes only a few minutes and you can do it without leaving home at your convenience.

Did you know that
if you perform 10 transfers each month, you will save nearly 45 € per year in comparison with other banks.

Did you know that
your deposits in LHV are guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund to the extent of 100 000 euros?

Did you know that
when paying with your Partner Bank Card in Kaubamaja Group shops (including Selver) you could earn up to triple the bonus points?

Did you know that
from other ATMs in Estonia and Europe you can withdraw cash just for 1 €.

Did you know that
the premature repayment of your home loan is free at LHV.

Did you know that
a person who has opened an entrepreneur account has no obligation to register as an entrepreneur or to keep a record of income and expenses.

Did you know that
with an LHV Growth Account you can begin investing with as little as 1 €.

Win double salary!

In June, the additional salary was won by Karl Martin Kaasik.


Bring your salary to LHV and participate in the double salary drawing on the 5th of July.

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It’s easy to become a LHV customer

Bring your salary over to LHV along with e-invoices, standing orders and standing payments

  • Fill in an application to redirect your salary and send it to your employer’s accountant

  • Route all of your e-invoices and standing orders to LHV bank. You can sign the agreements in LHV internet bank

Make an appointment

If you’re coming to the branch for banking, it is possible to make an appointment with a consultant for matters and transactions that take more time.


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