Redirecting your salary to LHV is simple

Open an account
If you are not yet a client of LHV,
open an account.

Fill in an application to redirect your salary
Fill in the application and send it to your employer’s accountant.

Application to redirect salary.

Your next month’s salary will be paid to LHV Pank and you can win an extra salary for a whole year.

At LHV, everyone wins

Settlements without service fees

LHV is the only bank in Estonia to provide everyone with free euro transfers within Estonia and Europe.

Outstanding bank cards

Cards are issued at no charge and can be used for payment around the world, including over the Internet.

Debit cards
Credit cards
Cash withdrawal from any cash dispensing machine

Cash withdrawal from LHV’s ATM is free of charge. Cash withdrawal from the ATMs of other banks, in Estonia as well as Europe, is only €1.

User-friendly Internet Bank and Mobile Bank

You can take care of your daily banking operations conveniently and quickly in the Internet or Mobile Bank – using the device that suits you best.

Mobile bank