Home loan

LHV home loan is the most flexible home loan in Estonia, which is suitable for an informed client acquiring a home

  • Premature repayment of the loan is free of charge
  • Initial loan offer within three working days
  • Flexible grace period option
  • New apartment valuation report at an affordable price
Already have a home loan?

If you have already taken a home loan from LHV or another bank, and want to purchase another property with a loan, then apply for an LHV Private Loan.

Income tax return

Did you know that the state will repay you the income tax accounted on the home loan interest upon filing an income tax return?

Calculate the monthly payment


This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

Application process


Fill in a home loan application.


E-mail to kodulaen@lhv.ee,

  • last 6 months’ account statement verified digitally by the bank (bdoc)
  • a valuation report of the property to be purchased or a link to the listing.


Loan decision
We will notify you of the initial loan decision within three business days after submitting the documents.


Loan agreement
Sign the loan agreement digitally.


We will book an appointment at a notary, at a time that suits all the parties, to set the mortgage.


We will transfer the loan to your account within 3 days after the visit to the notary.

Terms and conditions and price list

Loan amount

From EUR 20,000, up to 70% of the market value of the collateral
The total sum of all loan and leasing payments may be up to 50% of the net income. The actual maximum share of loan payments depends on the income and number of members in the family.

Loan period

Up to 30 years


From 2.1% + Euribor

Amendment of the agreement

Amendment of the agreement: EUR 100

Termination of agreement

Free of charge

Agreement fee

0.5–0.9% of the loan amount (minimum EUR 300)

Grace period

Up to 12 months.


At least 30% or with an additional collateral


Property that is in good condition and liquid, and is located in Tallinn, Tartu or their near vicinity. Also in Viljandi, Pärnu and Rakvere. In general, we accept property belonging to the loan applicant or their close ones. We finance up to 70% of the market value of the collateral. Acceptance of collateral and its percentage rate depend on the location and condition of the collateral. Notarial transactions are possible in Tallinn or Tartu.

Apartment valuation

We offer valuation for new apartments at an affordable price – EUR 75

Requirements for an applicant

Before making a loan decision, we will analyse your creditworthiness, credit history and suitability of the collateral.

  • An adult who is an Estonian citizen or holder of a long-term residence permit
  • There have been no payment defaults in the past three years
  • Send the valuation report of the property or a link to the listing to the address kodulaen@lhv.ee along with a digitally signed account statement of the past 6 months (if not a client of LHV).
  • In order to receive the loan, an insurance contract needs to be concluded on the collateral and the insurance policy sent to the address kodulaen@lhv.ee
Real estate appraisers

1Partner Kinnisvara OÜ, Arco Vara, Colliers International Advisors, Domus Kinnisvara, Kaanon Kinnisvara, DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert, Eri Kinnisvara, LVM Kinnisvara, Newsec Valuation EE OÜ, Ober Haus, Pindi Kinnisvara, Prisma kinnisvarad, Tõnisson Kinnisvara, UusMaa Kinnisvarabüroo, RE Kinnisvara, Seven Kinnisvarakonsultandid, Lahe Kinnisvara

AS LHV Pank does not provide counselling service in the sense of Section 7 of the Creditors and Credit Intermediaries Act in the provision of loans. The loan applicant makes the decision to take out a loan.

The home loan is offered by AS LHV Pank. Always think through your loan decision carefully. Review the terms and conditions at lhv.ee/kodulaen and ask for advice from our specialist. The annual percentage rate of charge for a home loan is 2.503% on the following sample conditions: loan amount of EUR 70,000; self-financing of 20%; interest rate of 2.4% per year (floating, based on 6 months’ Euribor); agreement fee of EUR 700; period of 360 months; with EUR 98,224 as the sum and 360 as the number of repayments; and the total amount paid back being EUR 98,924, with payment in the form of monthly annuity payments. An insurance contract needs to be concluded and a mortgage set for the collateral in order to receive the loan. The rate does not include the expenses related to establishing and insuring the collateral.

Terms and conditions for building a house

Required documents
  • Building design documentation
  • Construction calculation and timetable
  • Building permit
  • Information on the builder
  • Valuation report for the house being built, including current market value and future market value
Self-financing and interest

The required minimum self-financing is 30% of the construction cost (this can be substituted for with an additional security). In the case of purchasing the land, the minimum required self-financing is 50%. Construction supervision must be employed during construction. Until the submission of the authorisation for use, the loan interest shall be 1% higher.

Home Insurance

Home insurance provides peace of mind and a feeling of security. It is of help if an accident has taken place with your home and the contents of your home.
LHV, in cooperation with Compensa*, is offering home insurance with extensive all risk exposure coverage. In addition to the most common types of insurance cover, you can also choose cover for an insured event arising from construction or repair works. Compensa will also compensate household property under the principle of ‘New for Old’. Compensa is the only one in Estonia to cover loan payments for a period of three months, in the event that the insured home has become uninhabitable.

In the case of accidents, our 24 hour a day free home assistance service is available to help. You can count on quick assistance if a door lock is not working or a water accident has occurred.

All riskmandatory
Storm damage
Leak from the piping
Theft, vandalism
Home assistance
Real estate liability insuranceup to € 10,000
Loss of rent/costs of rentalup to € 4000
Damage resulting from construction faults
Civil engineering works
Small buildings up to 20m²up to € 10,000
Home contents carried along in Estoniaup to € 2000
Property stored in an apartment’s storeroom, in the yard of a private residence
Damage caused by ice and snow falling from the roof
Built-in furniture
Interior finishing of the storeroom belonging to the apartment
Theft of cash kept at homeup to € 300
Cost of unauthorised use in the case of the theft of a bank cardup to € 300
Costs of veterinary assistance for a pet following an insured eventup to € 300
Costs of applying for a passport, ID-card, driver’s license in the event of theft
Home contents ‘Old for New’, including telephones, tablets and laptop computers that are up to one year old

Liability for home insurance is € 200
Loss events, in which case there is no liability:

  • home assistance service
  • if more than 50% of the building has been destroyed
  • rent (for example, cost of replacement housing) or lost rental income
  • replacement of door lock in the event of damage to the door lock or the loss of keys
  • shattering of the exterior glass surfaces of the building / apartment, for example, balcony glass

We offer home insurance to a client that has concluded an LHV Home Loan or Private Loan agreement.

If you would like to receive a home insurance offer, please contact your loan administrator or write to kodulaen@lhv.ee.

In the case of a loss event, please contact Compensa’s customer service:

*LHV Pank acts as the insurance agent of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Eesti filiaal (Compensa) and has been entered in the list of insurance intermediaries published on the web page of the Financial Supervision Authority, which can be checked at the address www.fi.ee. Compensa has granted LHV Pank authorisation to conclude home insurance contracts in Estonia, including acceptance of payments on behalf of Compensa, and also acceptance of notices and applications associated with insurance contracts mediated by the agent.

Compensa is responsible for the mediation activities of the insurance agent, and a complaint can be filed with the Financial Supervision Authority, at the address Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn, regarding the insurance agent’s activities.


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