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Price list

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Interest rates on deposits

Interest paymentAmountPeriodInterest rate
At the end of the deposit period500 € – 100 000 €*
3 months0,10%
6 months0,15%
9 months0,20%
12 months0,30%

* In case of a bigger deposit, ask for additional details from customer support at 6 800 400. The interest rates provided in the table apply for a year. Interest shall be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days in a month and a 360-day year.

Interest rates for loans and leveraged loans


Collateral rates

LHV Varahaldus60%
JPMorgan Asset Management60%
East Capital Asset Management60%
Swedbank Investeerimisfondid60%
SEB Varahaldus60%
SEB Fund Management S.A60%
Trigon Funds60%
Avaron Asset Management60%
London, Nasdaq, NYSE
> 5 USD50%
3—5 USD40%
> 5 GBP50%
3—5 GBP40%
XETRA, OMX Helsinki
> 5 EUR50%
3—5 EUR40%
OMX Stockholm
> 40 SEK50%
20—40 SEK40%
OMX Tallinn
Arco Vara, ARC1T40%
Ekspress Grupp, EEG1T55%
Harju Elekter, HAE1T60%
Merko Ehitus, MRK1T60%
Nordecon International, NCN1T50%
Olympic Entertainment Group, OEG1T65%
Premia Foods, PRF1T55%
Pro Kapital Grupp, PKG1T40%
Silvano Fashion Group, SFGAT65%
Skano, SKN1T40%
Tallink Grupp, TAL1T65%
Tallinna Kaubamaja, TKM1T65%
Tallinna Vesi, TVEAT65%
Baltic Horizon Fund, NHCBHFFT50%
EfTEN Real Estate Fund III, EFT1T50%
OMX Riga
Grindeks, GRD1R55%
Latvijas Gaze, GZE1R40%
Latvijas kuģniecība, LSC1R45%
Olainfarm, OLF1R60%
SAF Tehnika, SAF1R45%
Valmieras stikla skiedra, VSS1R50%
OMX Vilnius
Agrowill Group AB, AVG1L50%
Amber Grid, AMG1L60%
Apranga, APG1L65%
Grigiskes, GRG1L60%
Invalda, IVL1L25%
INVL Baltic Farmland25%
INVL Baltic Real Estate25%
INVL Technology25%
Klaipedos Nafta, KNF1L60%
Lietuvos energijos gamyba50%
AB Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius, ESO1L50%
Linas Agro Group, LNA1L55%
Litgrid, LGD1L50%
OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund, OAMOBBF1L50%
Panevezio Statybos Trestas, PTR1L50%
Pieno Zvaigzdes, PZV1L50%
Rokiskio Suris, RSU1L55%
Siauliu Bankas, SAB1L65%
Snaige, SNG1L25%
Vilkyskiu Pienine, VLP1L50%
Vilniaus Baldai, VBL1L40%
Zemaitijos Pienas, ZMP1L50%
Warsaw Stock Exchange
Asseco Poland SA, ACP; PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, PGE; BRE, BRE; CEZ, CEZ; GTC, GTC; Getin Holding, GTN; KGHM, KGH; Pekao, PEO; PGNiG, PGN; PKN Orlen, PKN; PKO BP, PKO; PBG SA, PBG; PZU; TP SA, TPS; Lotos, LTS; Tauronpe, TPE; Bogdanka SA, LWB; Handlowy, BHW; Kernel Holding SA, KER50%
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Oslo Stock Exchange

If in LHV’s assessment it is more appropriate to use a higher or lower collateral rate in the case of a share due to its risk level, LHV has the right to apply collateral rates that differ from those listed above. Before taking out a loan make sure to review the content of the product and the terms of its contract. Particular attention should be paid to the risks of borrowing. If needed, consult a financial adviser at LHV before taking out a loan. The interest and collateral rates of a loan depend on the interest rates of central banks.

Trader’s information fees

Region/ExchangeCountriesNon-Pro Fees/monthPro Fees/month
Forex /ProFOREXFreeFree
Region/ExchangeCountriesNon-Pro Fees/monthPro Fees/month
AMEX (Network B/CTA) Top of Book (L1)United StatesUSD 1.50USD 23.00
AMEX Options Depth of BookUnited StatesUSD 10.00USD 60.00
NYSE MKT Order ImbalancesUnited StatesUSD 1.00USD 1.00
ArcaBook Options Depth of BookUnited StatesUSD 10.00USD 60.00
ArcaBook for EquitiesUnited StatesUSD 11.00USD 40.00
CFE Enhanced Top of Book (L1)United StatesUSD 2.50USD 7.50
CFE Enhanced with Depth of Book (L2)United StatesUSD 4.00USD 15.00
Dow Jones Global IndicesUnited StatesUSD 1.00USD 2.00
CME S&P IndexesUnited StatesUSD 4.25USD 4.25
InterContinental Exchange and New York Board of TradeUnited StatesUSD 1.00 (for traders) USD 120.75USD 1.00 (for traders) USD 120.75
ISE Options Depth of BookUnited StatesUSD 10.00USD 60.00
Market Data Express IndicesUnited StatesUSD 2.25USD 2.25
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) Top of Book (L1)United StatesUSD 1.50USD 23.00
NASDAQ TotalView-OpenView BundledUnited StatesUSD 15.00USD 86.50
NASDAQ Options Depth of BookUnited StatesUSD 10.00USD 60.00
NASDAQ BX TotalViewUnited StatesUSD 2.00USD 43.00
NASDAQ Global Index Data ServiceUnited StatesUSD 2.50USD 11.00
NASDAQ TotalView-OpenView EDSUnited StatesUSD 1.00USD 10.00
NYSE Level I (Network A/CTA) Top of Book (L1)United StatesUSD 1.50USD 45.00
NYSE OpenBook Depth of Book (L2)United StatesUSD 25.00USD 60.00
NYSE Order ImbalancesUnited StatesUSD 1.00USD 1.00
OCX Data (OneChicago SSF)United StatesUSD 1.00USD 1.00
OTC Market Level IUnited StatesUSD 3.00USD 30.00
TRACE (BTDS) Bond DataUnited StatesNot ApplicableUSD 65.00
US Russell Indices (RussellTick)United StatesUSD 2.00USD 15.00
NYSE Global Index FeedUnited StatesUSD 1.00USD 18.25
CBOT Real-Time Depth of Book (L2)United StatesN/AUSD 90.00
CME Real-Time Depth of Book (L2)United StatesN/AUSD 90.00
COMEX Real-Time Depth of Book (L2)United StatesN/AUSD 90.00
NYMEX Real-Time Depth of Book (L2)United StatesN/AUSD 90.00
Moody’s US Bond Ratings (Corporates and Municipals)United StatesUSD 1.00USD 1.00
OPRA Top of Book (L1) (US Option Exchanges)United StatesUSD 1.50USD 32.75
Professional US Securities Snapshot BundleUnited StatesNot ApplicableUSD 10.00 + USD 0.01 per Snapshot
US Securities and Futures Value PLUS BundleUnited StatesUSD 5.00Not Applicable
US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value BundleUnited StatesUSD 10.00 + USD 0.01 per SnapshotNot Applicable
Global OTC Equities(L2)United StatesUSD 1.50USD 48.50
Global OTC and OTC MarketsUnited StatesUSD 17.00USD 127.00
OTC Markets Depth of Book (L2)United StatesUSD 16.00USD 80.00
Montreal Exchange Level ICanadaUSD 6.00USD 43.00 (must have trading permissions)
Montreal Exchange Level IICanadaUSD 9.00USD 54.50 (must have trading permissions)
Canadian Exchange Group (TSX/TSXV) Top of Book (L1)CanadaNot ApplicableUSD 73.00
Canadian Exchange Group (TSX/TSXV) Top of Book (L1) (Non-Canadian Residents Only)CanadaUSD 20.00Not Applicable
Toronto Market by Price Depth of Book (L2)CanadaUSD 14.00USD 30.00
TSX Venture Market by Price Depth of Book (L2)CanadaUSD 16.00USD 16.00
Mexican Derivatives ExchangeMexicoUSD 5.00USD 15.00
Mexican Stock Exchange Level IMexicoUSD 13.00USD 32.00
Region/ExchangeCountriesNon-Pro Fees/monthPro Fees/month
Bolsa de Madrid Lev I PlusSpainEUR 5.25EUR 28.25
Bolsa de Madrid Level IISpainEUR 15.50EUR 53.50
Turquoise ECNs Level 1Belgium, France, Netherlands, United KingdomGBP 6.00GBP 7.25
Turquoise ECNs Level 2Belgium, France, Netherlands, United KingdomGBP 12.00GBP 14.00
Turquoise Derivatives (Nordic)NorwayNOK 5.00NOK 5.00
Oslo Level INorwayNOK 11.00Not Applicable
Oslo Level IINorwayNOK 110.00NOK 350.00
Euronext Cash Market - Level IBelgium, France, NetherlandsNot ApplicableEUR 66.25
Euronext Cash Market - Level IIBelgium, France, NetherlandsNot ApplicableEUR 98.75
Euronext Data Bundle - Level I (Stocks level 2 - Equity Derivatives level 1)Belgium, France, NetherlandsEUR 2.00Not Applicable
Euronext Data Bundle - Level II (Stocks level 2 - Equity Derivatives level 2)Belgium, France, NetherlandsEUR 39.00Not Applicable
Euronext IndecesBelgium, France, NetherlandsFreeEUR 17.00
Europe ECN StocksBelgium, France, Netherlands, United KingdomFreeUSD 10.00
LSE Level I+Belgium, France, Netherlands, United KingdomGBP 5.00GBP 50.00
Euronext Commodities Derivatives Level IIBelgium, France, NetherlandsEUR 17.00EUR 17.00
Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives - Level IIBelgium, France, NetherlandsEUR 37.00EUR 37.00
Euronext Currency Derivatives Level IIBelgium, France, NetherlandsEUR 3.00EUR 3.00
LSE International Order Book Level IUnited KingdomGBP 4.25GBP 27.00
ICE E.U. (IPE) DerivativesUnited KingdomUSD 120.75USD 120.75
ICE LIFFE DerivativesUnited KingdomUSD 120.75USD 120.75
STOXX© Index Data Real-TimeGermanyEUR 9.00EUR 13.00
Eurex Level IGermanyEUR 8.75EUR 40.50
Eurex Level IIGermanyEUR 13.00EUR 54.50
German Stock Bundle (excl. SWB) Level IGermanyEUR 16.25EUR 60.00
German Stock Bundle (excl. SWB) Level IIGermanyEUR 21.75EUR 75.75
Deutsche Boerse Indices & Xetra ETFsGermanyEUR 1.25EUR 9.00
Stuttgart Boerse incl. Euwax (SWB)GermanyEUR 5.50EUR 8.00
Xetra Stocks (US Stars Segment) Level IGermanyEUR 5.00EUR 8.75
Xetra Stocks (US Stars Segment) Level IIGermanyEUR 6.50EUR 13.00
Xetra Stocks (European Stars Segment) Level IGermanyEUR 2.50EUR 8.75
Xetra Stocks (European Stars Segment) Level IIGermanyEUR 3.50EUR 8.75
IDEM Level IItalyEUR 3.00EUR 15.00
IDEM Level IIItalyEUR 17.00EUR 46.50
MeffSpainEUR 2.25EUR 12.00
BME (MEFF) Depth of Book (L2)SpainEUR 4.50EUR 21.00
IBEX and LATIBEX IndicesSpainEUR 5.50EUR 5.50
Prague Stock Exchange - Level ICzech RepublicEUR 3.50EUR 14.00
Prague Stock Exchange - Level IICzech RepublicEUR 9.50EUR 24.50
SIX Swiss Exchange Top of Book (L1)SwitzerlandNot ApplicableCHF 26.75
SIX Swiss Exchange Top of Book (L2)SwitzerlandCHF 10.00CHF 96.50
Vienna Stock Exchange IndicesAustriaAvailable as Vienna Stock Exchange Level 1 + IndicesEUR 9.00
Vienna Stock Exchange - Level IAustriaNot ApplicableEUR 33.00
Vienna Stock Exchange - Level IIAustriaNot ApplicableEUR 44.00
Vienna Stock Exchange - Level I + IndicesAustriaEUR 3.50Not Applicable
Vienna Stock Exchange - Level II + IndicesAustriaEUR 6.00Not Applicable
Region/ExchangeCountriesNon-Pro Fees/monthPro Fees/month
ASX Total Depth of Book (L2)AustraliaAUD 25.00AUD 88.00
Chi-X AustraliaAustraliaAUD 7.50AUD 22.50
ASX24 Commodities and Futures Depth of Book (L2)AustraliaAUD 11.00AUD 41.00
Hong Kong IndexesHong KongHKD 15.00HKD 15.00
Hong Kong Derivatives (Fut & OPT) Level IHong KongHKD 25.00HKD 25.00
Hong Kong Derivatives (Fut) Level IIHong KongHKD 100.00HKD 100.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stocks & Warrants) Level IHong KongHKD 130.00HKD 130.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stocks & Warrants) Level IIHong KongHKD 225.00HKD 225.00
Chi-XJapanYEN 100.00YEN 100.00
Osaka Securities Exchange Level IJapanYEN 200.00YEN 1500.00
Osaka Securities Exchange Level 2JapanYEN 400.00YEN 2200.00
Tokyo Stock Exchange (GL)JapanYEN 300.00YEN 3000.00
Singapore Exchange (SGX) - DerivativesSingaporeSGD 1.25SGD 1.25
Singapore Exchange (SGX) - StocksSingaporeSGD 11.00SGD 11.00
Korea Stock Exchange Depth of Book L2South KoreaUSD 2.00USD 57.00

Securities price information

The following table list all the stock exchanges listed on the web page of LHV Pank with their respective details.

CountryMarketDelayInformation broker
Estonia, Latvia, LithuaniaNasdaq OMX Baltic15 min**Direct from Exchange
Finland, Sweden, Denmark, NorwayNasdaq OMX Nordic15 minFactset
PolandWarsaw Stock Exchange15 minFactset
RussiaMoscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)15 minFactset
USAOPRA15 minFactset
USABATS Exchange15 minFactset
USAOTC Bulletin Board Market15 minIntarective Data
USAOTC Non Bulletin Board Market15 minFactset
AustriaBATS Europe15 minFactset
FranceBATS Europe15 minFactset
UKBATS Europe15 minFactset
SpainBATS Europe15 minFactset
The NetherlandsBATS Europe15 minFactset
ItalyBATS Europe15 minFactset
SwitzerlandBATS Europe15 minFactset
BelgiumBATS Europe15 minFactset
GermanyBATS Europe15 minFactset
GermanyStuttgard Stock Exchange15 minFactset
CanadaToronto Stock Exchange15minFactset

All the information is presented “as it is” and for information purposes only. The information is not intended as trading or counselling suggestions. Please consult your stockbroker or financial representative to verify the prices before making any trading transactions. LHV Pank, the stock exchange, their affiliates and partners do not guarantee that the information presented is accurate, adequate and complete. The also assume no responsibility for any mistakes, deficiencies or any other potential inaccuracies in the information, or any delays or interruptions in the information supply or transactions concluded on the basis of the information. LHV Pank and its sources of information are not responsible for any potential damages resulting from the use of the information. By visiting the website of LHV Pank, the user confirms that they will not copy, change, modify, download, save, reproduce, process, forward or share any data or information found on the website and shall not use it for business purposes without the prior written consent of LHV.
* If a stock exchange is not listed in the table, it does not necessarily mean that LHV does not cover the said stock market.
** The listings are visible in real time to all clients of LHV who have concluded an investment services agreement.