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E-invoices can be paid quickly and conveniently

Green e-invoices completely replace paper invoices

  • Convenient for both clients and enterprises
  • Paying your invoices is simple and fast
  • E-invoices and standing payment orders are free of charge for you

If you order delivery of your invoices in electronic format to the internet bank, all of your invoices will be gathered together in one place and you will not need an additional copy to be sent via e-mail or on paper to your mailbox.


Paying your invoices is simple: important information is retrieved directly from the invoice to the payment order.


With the E-invoice standing payment order service we perform the transactions for you. All you need to do is order an e-invoice and set up an automatic payment. As a user of the standing payment order, you do not need to approve regular invoices each time. You can select the time and limit of the standing payment order yourself.

Price list

Ordering an E-invoice

Free of charge

Standing payment order agreement

Free of charge

Standing payment order

Free of charge


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