Flexible leasing for both private and business clients

LHV leasing enables you to acquire vehicles, from a passenger car to heavy machinery, from a motorbike to recreational craft. We also offer leasing to private and business clients under flexible terms and conditions.

  • Fast response to the application
  • Convenient insurance solution
  • Personal client manager

We also invite you to use LHV’s banking services—we offer payments free of charge, along with other benefits for our clients.

Apply for leasing

Calculate the monthly instalment

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Monthly instalment


Payment schedule


Monthly instalment


Application process


Complete an application
Complete the leasing application online, at our office, or while at a vendor’s location.


Submit documents

  • Last six months’ bank account statement, reflecting your monthly income and expenses,
  • Identification document (ID-card, passport or driver’s license),
  • If possible, the sales offer of the asset (e.g. link to the sales listing),
  • In the case of pre-owned assets, a valuation report from a cooperation partner of LHV.


We will then make you a leasing and insurance offer.


Conclude the agreement
If the offer suits you, we will agree on subsequent action for you to receive your new purchase as quickly and easily as possible.


Complete an application
Complete the leasing application online, at our office, or while at a vendor’s location.


Required documents

  • Company’s financial accounts (the most recent available, not older than 3 months),
  • Identification document of the representative (ID-card, passport and driver’s license) and, if necessary, letter of authorisation;
  • If possible, the sales offer of the asset, such as a link to the sales listing,
  • In the case of pre-owned assets, a valuation report from a cooperation partner of LHV.


We will then make you a leasing and insurance offer.


Conclude the agreement
If the offer suits you, we will agree on subsequent action for you to receive your new purchase as quickly and easily as possible.

Price list and terms and conditions

Minimum financed amount€3000
Limit on the age of the assetNot more than 12 years at the end of the leasing period
Leasing period6 months to 6 years
Down-paymentAt least 10% of the price of the asset
Contract Fee1% of the cost of the assets, minimum 150 EUR
Amendment of agreementAmendment of agreement €100. Changing the payment date €30
Premature termination of the agreement
  • Private person’s agreement with a floating interest rate – free of charge
  • Private person’s agreement with a fixed interest rate
    • Less than one year until the end term of the agreement – 0.5% of the outstanding balance
    • More than one year until the end term of the agreement – 1% of the outstanding balance
  • Legal person’s agreement with a floating interest rate – with 3 months’ interest
  • Legal person’s agreement with a fixed interest rate – 1% of the outstanding balance
Interest rateThe interest rate is personal for each agreement and tied to the six months’ Euribor. A personal offer will be made to you after you have completed a leasing application.
Applicant requirementsNet income for private person at least € 600 per month
Compilers of the valuation reportLHV Pank accepts the following compilers of the valuation report: Autowelt Baltic OÜ, OÜ Roheline Laine, Value Expert OÜ, OÜ Balti Realiseerimiskeskus, Abc Motors AS, Amserv Auto AS, Ascar Auto AS, Auto 100 AS, Auto 100 Tallinn AS, Auto Forte Tallinn AS, Catwees OÜ, OÜ Import Auto, AS Info-Auto, AS Mariine Auto, Reval Auto Esindused OÜ, OÜ SKO Motors, AS Tauf-Auto, Veho Eesti AS, Viking Motors AS, Aktronte Grupp OÜ, and Möller Auto, Tehase Auto OÜ.

Always consider your leasing decision carefully. Review the terms and conditions and ask for advice from our specialist. The Annual Percentage Rate of Charge of the leasing is 4.89% on the following sample conditions: value of the assets €15,000, down payment 10%, credit amount €13,500, annual interest rate 4% (without fixed rate, based on 6-month’s Euribor), contract fee €150, leasing period 36 months, total payment sum €15,955.16, type of the contract is financial lease, with monthly annuity payments. Insurance payments, registration fee or state fees have not been accounted in the rate. A motor third party liability insurance contract and motor own damage insurance contract need to be concluded.


Just like you, we are also interested in having the leased property always insured, so that any potential damages related to it would be reimbursed.

Compulsory motor own damage insurance

In addition to the compulsory third party liability insurance, the leased vehicle must also have motor own damage insurance that covers all the most common damages that motor third party liability insurance does not reimburse. Motor own damage insurance, for example, enables compensation of damage to the vehicle even when you were the one who caused the accident. Leased property not used in traffic must be insured with property insurance.

Insurance contract

In order to be completely sure that insurance cover is valid at all times (is not interrupted, for example, when a payment is missed), an insurance contract needs to be concluded for the whole year and paid as a lump sum. However, as paying for the whole year in advance is, without doubt, a significant expense, we offer you the opportunity to insure the leased vehicle with the help of LHV, paying for it in instalments along with the leasing payments.

Motor third party liability insurance

  • The insurance contract must be concluded for a year, with a single payment.

Motor own damage insurance

  • AS LHV Pank must be the beneficiary in the insurance contract.
  • The insurance contract must be concluded for a year, with a single payment.
  • The insured value of the vehicle must be the market value of the vehicle at the time of concluding the insurance contract.
  • The insurance contract must cover at least the following insured risks: traffic accident, natural disaster, fire, theft, robbery, and vandalism.
  • The insurance cover must be valid at least in the whole of Europe, except the CIS countries.

Please make sure to review the requirements for the insurance of leased property provided in the leasing agreement.

Our Cooperation partner is insurance broker Iizi Kindlustusmaakler. If you wish, we will send an insurance offer to you along with the leasing offer, with a comparison of the prices and terms and conditions of most of the insurance companies operating in Estonia.

What should you know before concluding a leasing agreement?

Here you will find information of the basic rights and obligations arising from the agreement. This also includes important information about the potential dangers related to leasing. Please read it through.

Please note, that only those rights, obligations, risks and hazards that are the most important and usually create the most questions are listed here. It is also important to remember that this does not constitute your leasing agreement, which may include different terms and conditions.

Before signing the leasing agreement

  • Review all the risks related to the lease and consider once more, whether you really want to conclude the agreement. If you are certain in your decision, consider whether financial lease or operational lease is better suited to your needs and options. With financial lease, you will become the owner of the leased property after the payment of all the instalments, while with operational lease, you must return it to the bank. If agreed upon with the bank, it is possible to purchase the leased property for its residual value at the end of the leasing period.
  • Please read all the terms and conditions of the leasing agreement, including the general terms and conditions. Also read the Standard European Consumer Information (even if it takes time, this is useful information).
  • Please review other terms and conditions and documents referred to in the leasing agreement, like the general terms and conditions of AS LHV Pank (hereinafter LHV).
  • Please think about what would happen if your income decreased and expenses increased for some reason. Would you still be able to pay the leasing instalments?

If necessary, consult LHV or another specialist to get explanations, advice or additional information.

Contents of a leasing agreement

As stated above, there are two options for concluding a leasing agreement. Regardless of the type of the agreement, LHV will purchase the item from the vendor and will place it at your disposal. In turn, you will pay the leasing payments until the time specified in the leasing agreement. You will also pay interest.

The amount of the payments depends on a number of different circumstances, such as the cost of the item LHV purchased for you, the sum you contributed yourself, the interest rate, the length of the leasing period, etc. The payments are also influenced by the general economic situation, on which the base rate depends.

If you have signed the leasing agreement, but wish to withdraw from it for any reason, you have the right to do so within 14 days after its signing. To withdraw from the contract, file an application in the manner and to the address provided in the agreement. Additional details on this are provided in the section “Expiry and premature termination of the agreement”.

Interest rate of the leasing

The leasing interest is accounted according to the sum to be paid to the bank, the leasing period, and the currently applicable interest rate. This will be done on the assumption that there are 30 days in each month and 360 days in each year. In the first month of the agreement, the interest will be accounted based on the number of days still left in the month after the conclusion of the agreement.

Each time that a subsequent leasing payment is made, the outstanding balance is reduced along with the interest. The monthly payment, however, will remain the same, as you will be able to pay more of the principal on the account of the interest. It will be more convenient for you, as when the payment stays the same throughout the whole period, you do not need to keep up with the schedule constantly. And it also means that the leasing sum will be paid back sooner.

When the base rate changes or an interest period changes, the bank will calculate the monthly payment for the next period again and will notify you of it. What neither you nor the bank can control is Euribor, meaning that its fluctuations will also increase or decrease your payments.

The term “the annual percentage rate of charge” is always relevant in case of various loan agreements. It shows the actual final cost of the loan. LHV takes the following into account when determining the annual percentage rate of charge:

  1. the sum you loan from the bank for the purchase or the credit sum,
  2. interest,
  3. agreement fee,
  4. insurance payments (if you conclude an insurance contract through LHV).

The annual percentage rate of charge is a good indicator in assessing the different offers. When making a comparison, it is important to keep in mind what costs are accounted for in the annual percentage rate of charge, as different leasing providers have different practices.

Violation of payment obligations and the consequences thereof

Make sure that the payments are made on time and in the agreed sum. Failure to pay not only postpones the fulfilment of your obligation, but also involves additional expenses, like a fine for delay and overdue notice fee.

  • Fine for delay
    If you fail to pay the leasing payment on time, you must pay a fine for delay on the unpaid sum. The exact rate of the fine for delay is provided in your agreement. The late fee is accounted on the principal payment and considered to be paid when you have made the full payment.
  • Overdue notice fee
    If you delay the payment, you will be sent an overdue notice, for which you need to pay separately. The exact fee for the overdue notice is provided in your agreement.
  • Contractual penalty
    If you violate your obligations − for example, failing to return the property to the bank by the agreed time − the bank shall have the right to collect a contractual penalty from you. More information on this is available in the section “Liability and contractual penalty”.

Please remember that if you repeatedly fail to pay the leasing payments, the bank has the right to terminate the agreement made with you, demand the return of the item leased, and payment of the debt in full. The payment will include the outstanding principal, any interest, late fees, overdue notice fees and insurance fees paid on your behalf.

If you fail to comply with the payment obligations, the bank has the right of foreclosure. If the funds received do not cover your debt, the item is not bought or you do not return it, the bank has the right to start bankruptcy proceedings. This may include a claim for the sale of other property belonging to you with the aim of acquiring the funds to pay for the object leased.

If you foresee difficulties in making the payments, we ask that you to contact us as soon as possible, and without hesitation. Please make sure to do so if the described situation may be permanent, as you lost your job or your salary was cut. Together we will find a solution that satisfies us both.

Other information

Pre-contractual information (incl. terms and conditions) is provided and the agreement concluded in Estonian. The legislation of the Republic of Estonia will be applied to the settlement of disputes. Court proceedings are resolved according to the legally provided jurisdiction and if negotiations with us fail, you have the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Board.

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