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Vehicle warranty insurance

Protection against technical problems with a vehicle

  • Warranty period extended for up to 3 years
  • Maximum odometer reading 150,000 km
  • LHV car assistance 24 hours a day
  • Fair, efficient and transparent claims adjustment
  • Evaluate your risk and insurance premium and choose your own deductible (excess)


Vehicle warranty insurance gives you protection in case of unexpected and unforeseeable technical problem with your vehicle caused by a manufacturing defect that becomes apparent in the course of ordinary use and damage caused by which is not covered under the manufacturer warranty (including manufacturer extended warranty) or warranty against defects.

If you are on the road and cannot continue driving due to an unexpected technical breakdown, LHV car assistance can help. We will help you to get to your planned destination and advise you by phone on how to proceed.

We offer vehicle warranty insurance for private and corporate passenger cars and vans up to 7 years old with a reading of 150,000 km or less on the odometer. The coverage has no geographical restrictions within Europe.

We offer you the opportunity to choose your deductible (excess) yourself in order to make the insurance premium more affordable. The recommended optimum level is 200 euros. There are five options for the deductible:

  • 0 euros (no deductible)
  • 200 euros
  • 300 euros
  • 500 euros
  • 1,000 euros

Our aim is to offer a level of coverage that is clear and ensures that, if an insurance event does occur, everyday life can go on without too much disruption.

If you would like to take out motor hull insurance (Casco) as well, please see LHV’s Casco insurance options.

Important information

LHV indemnifies damage caused as a result of a vehicle warranty insurance event in the case of vehicles with an odometer reading of 150,000 or fewer kilometres.

Before entering into an insurance policy, the policyholder is required to notify LHV of all known faults and damage to the vehicle. By entering into the contract, the policyholder confirms that the vehicle does not have any faults or damage of which LHV is not aware.

At the time that the insurance offer is issued, the vehicle must be covered by a valid manufacturer warranty. If there is none, the authorized representative of the manufacturer or a partner accepted by LHV must perform a thorough inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle. LHV is not required to indemnify damage until such an inspection has been conducted and LHV has received confirmation that the vehicle is in technical order.

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Roadside assistance

To call roadside assistance, call 680 1122 any time, 24 hours a day


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