Proposals and complaints


We wish to offer our clients excellent service and simple and effective services. Regrettably, this might not always prove possible. In order for us to become ever better, we would like to know what your experience and opinion is.

Please feel free to tell us, when
  • we have positively surprised you and you wish to praise someone/something in person
  • you have good ideas that we could implement
  • you are rather disappointed in our services or the service rendered or
  • you wish to lodge an appeal against a specific transaction.

Please write to us at the address

Settlement of complaints

Term for proceedings

We try to settle the complaint as quickly as possible. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity, generally on the same banking day after having established the circumstances, and keep you informed of how the situation is being resolved. Sometimes, however, it may also take longer to settle the complaint, but not more than 15 days for a private client and 30 days in other cases.


If you are still unhappy with the solution to the complaint, you may contact the Consumer Disputes Committee operating at the Consumer Protection Board or turn to the court. In this case court action will be settled at Harju County Court. A complaint can also be filed with the Consumer Disputes Committee via the Online Dispute Resolution environment; you may examine the rules of procedure of the committee at You may also file a complaint on the activity of LHV Pank with the Financial Supervision Authority at: Sakala 4, Tallinn 15030, phone 668 0500, address

Please fill in the application to dispute the card transaction on LHV's mobile app or internet bank if:

  • you were unable to withdraw the selected amount from the ATM;
  • you deposited cash to your account but the funds were not transferred or were only partially transferred to the account.

Find the card transaction you wish to dispute on the account statement. Open the detailed view of the card transaction and click "Dispute" to submit the application.

If you are unable to dispute the transaction on the mobile app or internet bank, please visit our client office to submit the application.

It usually takes a few business days to dispute a cash transaction, in more complicated cases it may take up to 10 banking days.

You may sometime find yourself in situations where:

  • a double payment has been made for the purchase or the transaction amount is erroneous;
  • you have failed to receive the goods or services ordered;
  • the goods or services ordered do not match the description;
  • you have not received any refund for goods returned or services cancelled;
  • your bank card data has been misused.

In such a situation, please first contact the merchant or service provider.

If you are unable to resolve the dispute in this manner, please fill in the application to dispute a card transaction within 3 months after the transaction date. To submit the application, log in to the mobile app or internet bank and find the card transaction you wish to dispute on the account statement. Open the detailed view of the card transaction and click "Dispute" to submit the application.

Disputing a transaction within Estonia may take up to a month, and transactions in foreign countries up to two months. In exceptional cases, the settlement of the dispute may take longer - we will inform you if this is the case.

LHV client support

Mon–Fri 9–19, Sat 10–17 *
6 800 400

* Did you know that if you encounter any problems using bank services, client support is available around the clock at +372 680 0400. On evenings and weekends, calls are answered by our partner.

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