Fixed-term deposit

Depositing money at LHV Pank is a wise choice

  • Always the best interest rates
  • You can choose when to receive the interest income: at the beginning of the deposit period, each month or at the end of the deposit period.
  • The deposited funds are paid to your account automatically on the morning of the last day of the deposit agreement.

Calculate how much interest will you accumulate

Opening a deposit is simple


Transfer the amount you want to deposit to your bank account.


Select “Open a deposit” in the Internet Bank and select a term for your deposit.

Interest rates

Interest paymentAmountPeriodInterest rate
At the end of the deposit period500 € – 100 000 €*
3 months0,10%
6 months0,15%
9 months0,20%
12 months0,30%
Monthly interest paymentWith monthly interest payments, the interest rates are 0.05% lower
With the interest payment set at the beginning of the deposit periodthe interest rates are 0.10% lower

* In case of a bigger deposit, ask for additional details from customer support at 6 800 400. The interest rates provided in the table apply for a year. Interest shall be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days in a month and a 360-day year.

Comparison with the bigger banks

LHVSwedbankSEBDanske BankNordea
3 months0,10%0,01%0,00%0,01%0,02%
6 months0,15%0,01%0,00%0,01%0,05%
1 year0,30%0,10%0,00%0,01%0,20%