LHV Youth Bank

With LHV Youth Bank, you don't have to worry about service fees, and with the convenient mobile bank, you can make payments or ask a friend for money, even while on the move. In addition, you have the opportunity to take the first steps in the world of investments, to save money for fulfilling your dreams.

Youth Card

  • Free bank card
  • Your purchases are insured
  • Enjoy discounts
  • Pay by swiping
  • Pick your colour

You can order the Youth Card if you are 25 years old or younger.

Discounts with the Youth Card

When paying with the Youth Card, all hot food and drinks are 20% cheaper.

MyFitness+ Full package costs 54 €. Becoming a member is free for all types of packages.

Lux Express
When showing your Youth Card, you will receive a discount of 30% on all routes within Estonia.

When paying with the Youth Card the goods of one brand will be 20% cheaper for you.

Prizes with the Youth Card

When paying with the Youth Card you can win prizes
When you pay with the Youth Card you are entered into a monthly draw. The more often you pay with the Youth Card, the bigger the award and the greater the chance of winning.
Terms and Conditions of the draw
November Winners

  • If you make 10 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Apollo cinema gift ticket draw. We will raffle off a 50 x 2 gift tickets with a total value of 20 €.

  • If you make 20 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Partner gift card draw. We will raffle off 30 gift cards, each with a value of 25 €.

  • If you make 30 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Sportland gift card draw. We will raffle off 20 gift cards, each with a value of 50 €.

The first steps in the field of investing

Growth Account and microinvesting

We have made investing easy for you – start with microinvesting. This is the opportunity to collect a small sum from each card transaction in your Growth Account. The money will not simply be sitting there, it will instead be invested automatically. If you wish, you can also make larger one-time deposits. Growth Account is without maintenance fee for you until age of 26.

How does microinvesting work?

The amount of the debit card payment is rounded to the next whole number and the difference is transferred to the Growth Account.

In case of smaller payments (up to 10 €) 10% limit can be applied. Microinvestment is limited to 10% of the amount of debit card payment.

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Student Loan

Student Loan will help you cover the costs related to your studies, from housing costs to your tuition fee. The largest loan amount secured by the State is 2000 €, with annual interest of 5%.

Becoming a client is easy

Become a client without visiting the bank

Open an account by e-identification at LHV Internet or Mobile Bank. You will need a Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or ID-card to sign the customer agreement.

If you are under 18 years of age

If you are younger than 18, we await your parent or legal representative to visit the LHV office to open an account.

The representative must present his/her identity document and your birth certificate or have the possibility to log in to the environment (with ID-card or Mobile-ID). From the age of 7 and above, the child’s identity document is also required to open the account.

Terms and conditions of the LHV Youth Bank essay competition “How can the bank be useful to me in money matters?”

1. The LHV Youth Bank essay competition: “How can the bank be useful to me in money matters?” (hereinafter: competition) is organized by AS LHV Pank, address Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, registry code 10539549, tel 6 800 400, email address (hereinafter: organizer).
2. The competition shall run from 30 July to 30 August 2019.
3. All holders of LHV bank cards aged 7-25 years of age are eligible to participate.
4. Employees of the organizer or companies belonging to the same group (AS LHV Group, AS LHV Varahaldus and AS LHV Finance) and their family members are not eligible to compete.
5. Every participant may submit one essay in the competition.
6. By participating in the competition, each participant accepts the terms and conditions of the competition and shall abide by the decisions taken by the organizer during the competition.

7. The topic of the essay is: “How can the bank be useful to me in money matters?”
8. The length of the essay shall be at least one page and a maximum of 10,000 characters (including spaces).
9. The essay shall be written in Estonian.
10. The essay submitter confirms that he or she is the author of the essay.
11. The essay must be submitted by email to no later than 30 August 2019 at 17.00.
12. Each essay writer shall consent to the publication of the essay, should the essay win the competition, on the website, the organizer’s webzine Investeeri, the organizer’s emails and social media channels.

13. The grand prize of the competition shall be 200 euros, which the organizer shall transfer to the winner’s bank account at LHV Bank.
14. The organizer has the right to award special prizes in a category of its choice.
15. The winner of the competition shall be determined by a five-member committee formed by the organizer. The organizer shall contact the winner by telephone within three banking days of the making of the decision.
16. The organizer shall verify compliance with the competition terms and conditions after the winning essay is determined.
17. The participant at the competition shall ensure that the contact details he or she submits to the organizer are correct and current. If the contact details prove incorrect or if for other reasons beyond the control of the organizer it is not possible to contact the winner within three banking days, or if the winner does not consent to the publication of his or her name, the organizer shall award the prize to the next best essay writer.

18. The organizer shall have the right without advance notice and regardless of consequence to discontinue the competition, providing notice thereof on its website or another information channel.
19. In all matters related to the competition, the organizer has the right to take any decisions without advance notice.
20. All complaints regarding the competition must be submitted to the organizer by regular mail at Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn.
21. Additional information about the competition is available by telephone at 6 800 400, by email at and on the website

November Winners

Winners of the 50 euro Sportland giftcard

Merline Virves

Germo Ausin

Erki Aas

Marissa Mutt

Stella Rein

Kärol Aamer

Anna Elise Toikka

Andre Pagi

Hendrik Trystan Luigas

Anu Annikki Tuulemets

Laura Ernits

Stella Vask

Marite Helina Sihver

Mattias Ots

Mark Kristjan Laanet

Taron Davtyan

Danel Kivi

Ege Berk Akgün

Susanna Soosaar

Gerda Kiis

Winners of the 25 euro Partner e-giftcard

Mathias Gregor Vain

Kaja Borissovski

Tauri Hint

Saskia Kasemaa

Jan-Erik Allas

Henrik Vello Vollmer

Sander Nemvalts

Nele-Kateriin Määrits

Laura Kassin

Getter Merilin Mäesalu

Mariann Männistu

Nikita Tjumentsev

Aveli Tämm

Veronika Sokologorskaja

Anu Tõiste

Sander Lepp

Aliise-Maria Pärna

Mari-Liis London

Valeria Gavrilova

Janeli Kurvits

Miikael Johan Tamm

Tauri Laur

Carmel Luud

Veronika Taraskina

Merili Marksalu

Kristiine-Liis Orav

Joanna Kurvits

Robin Kase

Winners of the 2x10 euro Apollo Cinema tickets

Kristo Siraki

Chris Lozin

Rauno Purdeots

Eva-Christine Pajo

Artur Heil

Elisa-Beth Kaljulaid

Roland Sõstra

Delisa-Lynette Täht

Mihkel Joonas

Jürgen Pikunov

Rait-Kristjan Altmäe

Jekaterina Korhonen

Rudolf Kopti

Liisa Sõgel

Raimo Paurson

Uku Pinnar

Kairi Tamm

Kerttu Visnapuu

Rasmus Soonvald

Paul Opmann

Merilin Fix

Kärolin Varblane

Hardi Link

Krystal Täht

Roman Kragulski

Elisabeth Loorents

Joosep Kaljula

Reigo Sinisalu

Greta Korju

Kevin Aloe

Kevin Vaher

Gertrud Kaasik

Astrid Erik

Engeli-Derika Andresson

Laura Berendsen

Age Kuusmaa

Mattias Valli

Kasper Keps

Epp Maria Sepping

Hendri Johanson

Kaisa Tiik

Kristjan Kerik

Mirtel Meribel Kaskema

Kaspar-Joel Elias

Kristjan Heinat

Kristel-Heleri Järvi

Mirtel Kaljuvee

Marvin Kaareste

Harald Nuut

Anne-Sophia Mihhejeva