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LHV Youth Bank

The goal of LHV Youth Bank is to constantly develop the best services and products in cooperation with young people. We will not tell you in advance what to do but instead will let you make your own decisions, giving you the necessary knowledge to do so. We are here to support you in your education, encourage you to invest and embolden you to be entrepreneurial and courageous.

  • Free payments
  • Youth card without service fees for 6-25-year-olds
  • Activity programme Score a Hundred
  • Investing with every card payment
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Student loan for studying both in Estonia and abroad
  • Virtual ISIC

The Youth Card is all-powerful

Without excessive service fees in Estonia, abroad and online. Order a Youth Card made of recycled plastic if you are 6-25 years of age and decide on your finances yourself.

You just dropped the phone you bought and the screen broke? No problem if you used the Youth Card when paying for the purchase. The purchase insurance that automatically accompanies the card protects durable goods with a purchase price between EUR 100 and EUR 5000 for 180 days after the purchase.

Deals with which you are really saving! Active discounts for the Youth Card can be found on LHV’s mobile app and on the web.

By making 15 or more payments with your Youth Card per month, you are eligible to win EUR 100 for your LHV bank account and an additional EUR 100 for your Growth Account if you have activated the micro-investing service.

Start investing today with small amounts! With micro-investing, you will grow your investment portfolio by up to EUR 1 with each card payment to your Growth Account.

With our micro-donation function, you can donate as little as 1 cent on a card payment. Keep in mind that every penny counts and that every little bit helps to reach a bigger goal. Why not do it together?

We know that when you are young, you care for nature and have a high regard for sustainability. Know that LHV bank cards are produced from recycled plastic and can also be ordered virtually. We save paper and by default do not send you an envelope with a PIN code, because you can conveniently see your PIN yourself in the LHV Internet Bank and mobile app. We are changing the world bit by bit.

Virtual ISIC Student Card

A free student card that helps the environment and doesn’t get lost! Order a virtual ISIC student ID card in the LHV app, prove your student status and take advantage of thousands of international discounts.


  • Open the cards view in the mobile app, and select “ISIC virtual card”
  • Add the school name and a photograph of yourself to the application
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and the processing of data by the Federation of Estonian Student Unions
  • You can find the issued virtual student card on the “Cards” view

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Who can order the virtual ISIC Student card?

You can order a virtual ISIC Student card in app if:

  • you are a customer of LHV
  • you are at least 16 years old
  • you are currently studying in a university or an institute of professional higher education in Estonia, regardless of the level of engagement (full-time or part-time) or form of study (daytime learning, distance learning, cycle learning, etc.). You can also apply for the card if you are on an academic leave.

You cannot apply for the ISIC card, if you are an extern, intern, a resident, or student of the Open University, unless you are a student of the University of Tartu Open University.

Read more frequently asked questions

Terms, conditions and price list

Issue and renewal

Free of charge until 30.09.2023

Monthly fee

No fee


Virtual ISIC Student cards ordered between January 1 and July 31 will remain valid until the end of the calendar year.

Virtual ISIC Student cards ordered between August 1 and December 31 will remain valid until the end of the next calendar year.

Conditions for application and use
Federation of Estonian Student Unions’ conditions for processing personal data

Invest in the future

Your biggest advantage as a young person in the world of investing is time. Make time work for you and take your first steps today. We fully support you in financial matters and share wisdom on how to be the boss of your euros.

Pay with the Youth Card and score a hundred

We fully support future doers with the Youth Bank, and every month we hold a draw and deposit EUR 100 of pocket money in the bank account of one young person and EUR 100 of investment money in their Growth Account. Because we want to give young people a boost and... why not.

Campaign rules

Pocket money winner in September is
Karl Heinrich Tamm



With the LHV Youth card campaign code, you can get a Red Bull Soundclash ticket for 22 euros.

To get the discount, pay with your Youth Card for the purchase. The campaign code is available as a bank notice in the mobile app. Tickets are sold on the website of Piletitasku. LHV discount tickets can be purchased until the end of presales.


Get 20% discount with your Youth Card on all training and running clothes and footwear from Sportland online store when using a campaign code.

You can find the campaign code as a notification on our mobile app. Discount is calculated from full price and is valid until 30.09.2023. To use the discount you need to register as a customer and log in to the online store.


The MyFitness+ full membership plan costs €54 with a Youth Card discount code (ordinary price €67). You can jõin up free of charge with any plan.

To recieve the discount register the web as a MyFitness member and enter your Youth Card discount code, which you will find in the internet bank or mobiile app under cards section.


When paying with the Youth Card, all hot food and drinks are 20% cheaper.

To recieve the discount you must pay with the Youth Card. Ask the discount from the seller before making a purchase . Only one discount is valid at a time. The discount is not valid at shops located in Tallinn Airport and Pärnu beach, Tallinn Bus station or abroad ferries.


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