LHV Youth Bank

With our Youth Bank you don’t have to worry about service fees, and payments can easily be made on the move from the Mobile Bank. In addition, you have the opportunity to take the first steps in the world of investments, to save money for fulfilling your dreams.

Become a client

Youth Card

  • Free bank card
  • Your purchases are insured
  • Enjoy discounts
  • Pay by swiping
  • Pick your colour

You can order the Youth Card if you are 25 years old or younger.

Discounts with the Youth Card

When paying with the Youth Card, all hot food and drinks are 20% cheaper.

MyFitness+ Full package costs EUR 54. Becoming a member is free for all types of packages.

Lux Express
When showing your Youth Card, you will receive a discount of 30% on all routes within Estonia.

When paying with the Youth Card the goods of one brand will be 20% cheaper for you.

Prizes with the Youth Card

When paying with the Youth Card you can win prizes
When you pay with the Youth Card you are entered into a monthly draw. The more often you pay with the Youth Card, the bigger the award and the greater the chance of winning.
Terms and Conditions of the draw
October Winners

  • If you make 10 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Apollo cinema gift ticket draw. We will raffle off a 100 x 2 gift tickets with a total value of EUR 20.

  • If you make 20 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Partner gift card draw. We will raffle off 50 gift cards, each with a value of EUR 25.

  • If you make 30 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Sportland gift card draw. We will raffle off 25 gift cards, each with a value of EUR 50.

Sweat yourself some euros and an Apple Watch
LHV Youth Card and Sweatcoin will pay you money for moving around outdoors.

If you have an LHV Youth Card, install the Sweatcoin app on your smartphone. Collect steps taken outdoors with the health app, earn 50 Sweatcoins and convert them into EUR 5. We will transfer the sum to your account. Once you have received the EUR 5, you will automatically be entered in the Apple Watch drawing. The winner will be announced on 21 December.
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View the terms and conditions of the campaign

The first steps in the field of investing

Growth Account and microinvesting

We have made investing easy for you – start with microinvesting. This is the opportunity to collect a small sum from each card transaction in your Growth Account. The money will not simply be sitting there, it will instead be invested automatically. If you wish, you can also make larger one-time deposits. Growth Account is without maintenance fee for you until age of 26.

How does microinvesting work?

The amount of the debit card payment is rounded to the next whole number and the difference is transferred to the Growth Account.

In case of smaller payments (up to EUR 10) 10% limit can be applied. Microinvestment is limited to 10% of the amount of debit card payment.

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Student Loan

Student Loan will help you cover the costs related to your studies, from housing costs to your tuition fee. The largest loan amount secured by the State is EUR 2000, with annual interest of 5%.

Becoming a client is easy

Become a client without visiting the bank

Open an account in the internet bank via e-identification or video identification.

Select e-identification, if your monthly outgoing payments are under € 15 000. Sign the client agreement digitally with an ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

Select video identification if you are performing larger payments. Video identification can be performed from 9.00-19.00 on Monday through Friday, and 10.00-17.00 on Saturday. Sign the client agreement digitally with an ID-card or Mobile-ID.

If you are under 18 years of age

If you are younger than 18, we await your parent or legal representative to visit the LHV office to open an account.

The representative must present his/her identity document and your birth certificate or have the possibility to log in to the environment (with ID-card or Mobile-ID). From the age of 7 and above, the child’s identity document is also required to open the account.

LHV Mobile Bank

a convenient app on your phone, where you can

Participation in the draw

  • The Youth Bank and Sweatcoin campaign takes place during 06.12.2018-21.12.2018.
  • All Youth Bank clients who have earned 5 € via Sweatcoin mobile app (SweatCo Ltd, aadress c/o OHS Secretaries Limited, 9th Floor, 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN, UK, registration code 09242159) to their LHV’s Youth Card account during the campaign period, will participate in the draw.
  • In order to take part in the draw, it is necessary to create a Sweatcoin account in the mobile app (as well as, enter your personal code to the mobile application, which will be used to link your Youth Bank account with your Sweatcoin user account). Participation in the draw includes an acceptance of terms and conditions (incl. prize-winners consenting to have their name published on the websites of, in LHV’s magazine Investeeri, in client communications, e-mails and social media channels).
  • The employees of LHV Bank, as well as employees of the groups belonging to the same bank concern (such as AS LHV Group, AS LHV Varahaldus, and AS LHV Finance) are not entitled to take part in the draw.


  • The Youth Bank clients who comply with the campaign terms and conditions will be participating in the draw of the Apple Watch Series 4
  • The prize will be drawn by the Bank’s representatives in the Bank’s Compliance Officer presence on 21.12.2018
  • Fulfilment of terms and conditions by draw participators will be verified within three days after the draw has taken place. Once abovementioned is established, the winner will be contacted over the phone.
  • It is participators responsibility to ensure, that the phone number provided in client’s customer data is up to date and active. If the winner’s phone number turns out to be faulty or if the bank representative is unable reach the winner within one working day, due to certain reasons that are beyond bank’s control, the winner will lose the prize and a new draw will be organised.
  • The prize cannot be replaced or exchanged in any way. Also, the bank is not responsible for the refund of any expenses related to receiving of the prize by the winner.


  • Each participant of the campaign commits to accept all rules established by bank including decisions made during the campaign.
  • In case of force majeure, the bank holds the right to interrupt the campaign without any consequences and prior notice. LHV Bank will notify of such discontinuation of the campaign, if possible, via bank’s website ( or using any other client communication channel.
  • The bank reserves the right to make any decisions regarding the promotional campaign without prior notice thereof. All complaints related to the organisation of the campaign must be presented to the bank via mail, to the address Tartu mnt 2, Tallinn 10145.
  • More information on the promotional campaign: 6 800 400 or or
  • The prize draw is organised by AS LHV Pank, address Tartu mnt 2 Tallinn, registry code 10539549, Tel. 6 800 400, e-mail

October Winners

Winners of the 50 euro Sportland giftcard

Martin Müürisepp

Grete Liis Laid

Rainis Griezans

Daniel Tõevälja

Karl Allikvee

Liisa Lehtmaa

Iris Niinemets

Carmen Lulla

Karl-Johan Kullerkupp

Siim Oja

Aleksandr Issajev

Jago Niin

Triinu Trahv

Henri Särekanno

Valeria Presnjakova

Johannes Voll

Julia Trunova

Kalmer Moosel

Susanne Holdt

Sabuj Howlader

Kalev Smidt

Robert Erik Pass

Ilja Lebedev

Mikk Kalamees

Tatjana Štšurikova

Winners of the 25 euro Partner e-giftcard

Matthias Hints

Aramais Khachatryan

Julia Kaas

Iris Taal

Anastasia Piirainen

Aleksandra Goltsvart

Jian Wen Eng

Johanna Tuuleveski

Egert Soomeri

Hendrik Tammekivi

Anett Seer

Marite Rammo

Saskia Baltin

Karin Vaino

Oscar Williams

Margaret Vanner

Timur Timurkayev

Pylyp Brodarskyi

Mona-Riin Reiner

Therese Viitkar

Grete-Celia Kibuvits

Ronja Maria Rohtla

Hanna-Antheia Stern

Maria Beljajeva

Charlotta Rebecca Zobel

Aune Maria Marjapuu

Vivian Avent

Artur Vahtre

Anna-Maria Krivova

Rain Markus Koort

Alex Teinburg

Aleksandra Lubkova

Geneli Šonija

Erki Raja

Karit Kink

Helary Poolmaa

Georgi Barbassevitš

Gerda Kelly Pill

Raidar Nurm

Edvard Zagorski

Arno Lehtsaar

Karoliina Vahenõmm

Igor Kotljar

Karen Kiviselg

Marin Jors

William John Ross

Karolin Stimmer

Joosep Pootsmaa

Jekaterina Smoljar

Patrick Saar

Winners of the 2x10 euro Apollo Cinema tickets

Hanna Loos

Richard Vahesalu

Grete-Kai Teeäär

Semjon Greef

Karl Robert Arulaan

Marul Kuljiš

Katre Keller

Uku Sõrmus

Eke Velviste

Triinu-Liis Kindel

Kelly Saar

Kati Muldma

Simona Stenberg

Mari-Liis Seegel

Martin Roht

Kevin Riko Lepikult

Karit Kink

Amanda Poopuu

Günter Lind

Johannes Rooso

Janno Rasmus Dreger

Anna Juurik

Kelli Lepa

Luca Sabena

Andreas Ragen Ayal

Liisi Maria Muuli

Ilja Samoilov

Kristina Sepp

Ingrid Hakmann

Karoliine Keres

Helen Aasa

Jaan Martin Raik

Edom Tsegaye Mengistu

Rauno Pärnoja

Vilgelm Viljanski

Kätriin Soopere

Risto Vähi

Tuule Tamme

Martin Teras

Henry Hekk

Kaarel Juurma

Ranal Saron

Silvo Ilves

Aryna Tretsinikava

Siim Mansberg

Caitlyn Kesa

Siim Sink

Andri Jääger

Birgit Randmaa

Kaspar Vaher

Laura Kiili

Olavi Aare Abel

Kerth Aun

Merilin Kiik

Aaron Aus

Dreisy Sarapuu

Martin Sankman

Carmen Lulla

Gerda-Liis Palmiste

Henri Lepik

Sigfried Kesküla

Markus Aidla

Dagmar Nurges

Jian Wen Eng

Marta Inara Grins

Eliise Siim

Sten Penter

Taago Pikk

Gerli Kruusmäe

Maret Luud

Selman Erkan

Danylo Dubinin

Markel Demjanov

Tatjana Štšurikova

Tristan Lasn

Taron Davtyan

Kerli-Getter Mägi

Liisa Kaju

Annika Saar

Jan Joonas Parve

Elina Klesman

Heinrich Tilk

Alex Teinburg

Dmitri Tudinov

Agnetha Katrina Eelrand

Karl Tamm

Kevin Mõttus

Marili Ruus

Ingrid Tamvere

Laane Reti Västrik

Kaisa-Kadi Pilt

Maksim Duljuk

Patrick Kudak

Kadri-Liis Raun

Raoul Ashley Fernandes

Theodor Sammul

Kevin Poom

Jennifer Krenzer

Kristjan Jürisoo

Janeli Harjus