Depositing of Baltic securities free of charge

Transaction fees starting from €3 for Baltic securities and from €11 for foreign securities.

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Lower tax rate for US dividends

We apply a tax rate of 15% on the dividends of US companies instead of the ordinary 30%.

How to transfer my securities to LHV?

  • Perform a free securities transfer in the LHV Internet Bank
    Start the order in the Internet Bank by entering the security (or the respective ISIN code) and then the amount and the price based on which you want to transfer the securities. As the next steps, please enter the counterparty’s name, securities account number and account manager.

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  • Perform a free securities transfer in your current bank
    In order to perform a free securities transfer, make sure to forward the transfer order to the account administrator bank of the counterparty. The transaction order must be identical to the transaction order of the counterparty.

Securities can also be transferred as an account manager’s swap or against a payment as a transfer of securities. For this, please visit one of our offices or contact our client support for more information.

How to start trading with securities?

ABC-s of investment

Separate investments and daily transactions

Taxes must be taken into consideration when starting with investments. We advise private persons to review the investment account system and to separate investments from the day-to-day transactions right from the beginning. Investment account instructions

For the beginning investor

When starting with small sums it is advisable to first review the opportunities offered by the Growth Account. The Growth Account is a simple way to start for a beginning investor, as it is possible to get started with as little as EUR 1.

Baltic securities

The Baltic analytic environment helps with the selection of Baltic shares. It provides in-depth market analyses that simplify the monitoring and assessment of the Baltic publicly traded companies.

Investment ideas and news

We advise you to view the LHV Financial Portal to gather ideas and exchange information, as well as to study the information offered by the Investment School seminar series and LHV’s library.

The experienced trader

Already seasoned traders could explore the options offered by LHV Trader and LHV Broker.

Securities as collateral

If you want to take a loan or purchase options against the security of shares, conclude the Agreement for Leveraged Transactions and Derivative Transactions in the Internet Bank.

Try out transactions using your virtual account

Risking your own money may seem intimidating at first. But, as we know, practice makes perfect. To get over your initial hesitations, we advise you to open a virtual account to try out your first transactions there.

Investment consultation

If everything seems overwhelming already, come and discuss it with our investment consultant. They will explain the features of each service and product to you more thoroughly.

Taxes pay an important role in the optimisation of income when it comes to securities. When investing in Estonia, the best option is to use a private limited company, but it requires the registration of the company, monthly accounts and forwarding of reports.

Private persons have two taxation systems available to them. Using the regular system, any profit from securities transactions in the last year must be stated in the declaration and income tax is paid on it. This system is simple, but sometimes not the most efficient one.

As the second option, the state has created the investment account system. This enables you to postpone the taxation of profit until you withdrawn more funds from the system than you have paid into it. This system requires the investment account to be registered with the Tax and Customs Board and notification of the payments to and withdrawals from this account. Getting to know this system is quite complicated, but it makes it possible to enjoy the same benefits currently provided to private limited companies by the state.

Price list

Depositing of Baltic shares

Free of charge

Management fee of foreign securities

0.025% monthly, from EUR 2 (0.015% from the part exceeding EUR 30,000)

Service fee for Baltic shares

EUR 3 + 0.2%

Service fee for shares (incl ETF) from the U.S., the Nordic countries, Russia, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

EUR 11 + 0.3%

Service fee of transactions with bonds

EUR 6 + 0.2%

Service fee for purchases with the Growth Account


Baltic analyses

5 euros per month

Loan taken against securities

Loan interest for loans against the security of shares starts from 7.5%. Many Baltic securities and most of the securities noted on the foreign stock markets are accepted as securities.

Review the terms and conditions, price list and risk of the financial service and ask for advice from our specialist.
Income and expense calculator for securities transactions


To transfer your securities, please contact our client executive or visit our office in Tallinn or Tartu

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