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Cash register software for retail sales

Cost of using cash register software starts from 50 € per workstation for corporate clients of LHV. The price includes client support, back-up copies and server service.
ERPLY retail trade software is suitable for both small stores and retail chains. The software enables sales at a single site or multiple sites, as well as using several terminals in a single store. The system is based on the ERPLY warehouse module, which gives a clear overview of the stocks and margins and simplifies the taking of inventory. The same solution supports the management of the company’s online store, making it possible to manage the whole business process centrally, to create reports, overviews, etc.
Sales will continue even if the Internet connection is lost, as the data is saved in the computer and the sales results, new products, new clients, etc., will be synchronised with ERPLY when the connection is restored.

  • Main features of the cash register:
  • User-friendly design with interchangeable skins
  • Sales promotion support for “Buy 2, get 3”
  • Store credit and using it
  • Gift cards (with a serial number, shopping centre cards)
  • Searching for a product with a product code, bar code or product name
  • Fully compatible with the most popular cash register hardware
  • Support for several warehouses, support for several cash registers in a single warehouse
  • Option for keeping track of working time (clock-in / clock-out)
  • Starting and ending the day
  • Printout of cash register book (separate card payments, cash, gift cards, store credit)
    Auxiliary functions that can be used if needed:
  • Central application of the price list to all stores (campaigns, client promotions, etc.)
  • Product matrices (sizes, colours, measurements) can be easily created and managed
  • Secure assignment of user rights
  • Recipes and so-called product-in-product packages
  • Various comparative reports to analyse sales by location, product and client groups
  • Assignment of client groups by their consumption habits
  • Turnover rate of goods and efficiency of sales by different sites
  • Purchase recommendations by suppliers
  • Printing of labels and barcodes

Management of maintenance and bookings for car services

Web-based management software for maintenance and bookings for car services is 25% off the regular price for corporate clients of LHV.

Vehicle maintenance register. Vehicles searches can be performed via VIN code, client’s name and date of sale. When the right vehicle is found, its card opens, including all the operations carried out and a timeline of maintenance work. If needed, the entire maintenance history or sales invoices can be printed out.

The process of entering a work order may begin during the client’s phone call. This makes it possible to save the client’s contacts, problems or requests quickly. Working time is planned immediately upon taking on the job. It is possible to inform the client immediately about when it will be possible to resolve the issue. When the work order is closed, the works conducted and products installed are selected. They are reflected on the sales invoice automatically, which in turn releases the products from the stocks. When a product is selected for a work order, it is reserved in the warehouse. This type of approach also helps purchase managers to better plan their stocks. When a working order for scheduled maintenance is inserted, the warehouse employees know that the spare parts have already been reserved for the client.

The invoice can be e-mailed directly to the client as a PDF-file. Payment of invoices can be conveniently tied to the invoices by importing them from the bank. The client’s outstanding balance is already known when taking the next work order. The ERPLY enterprise resource planning software makes it possible to design the printouts of the invoices (logos, additional texts, balance notices, etc.)

Software for spas and beauty parlours

The cost of web-based software for spas and beauty parlours starts from 50 € per month for the business clients of LHV (regular price from 75 € per month).

Clients’ reservations. Reservations can be conveniently made in the calendar view, which then ties the activity to the selected employee. It gives an excellent overview of when an employee is available for the requested treatment.

Service-based calendar view to display the best-selling services. For example it gives an idea of which services should be offered on discount and which services should be promoted.

The ERPLY software for salons and spas works with almost all regular and tablet computers (iPad, Android tablet, Windows computer, etc.) The particularly logical user interface is very easy to adopt. If necessary, the reporting function can be used for a detailed overview of what is going on in your company, regardless of where you are at the moment.

PoS systems for the Horeca sector from CompuCash

For the first two months, monthly-paid software and maintenance services and the use of a bank terminal (in case of renting a PIN pad) are free.

CompuCash was created to simplify sales transactions, avoid losses in relation to money and goods, keep business activities under control and enable the provision of high-quality customer service.

  • Easy to use
    CompuCash as the fastest and easiest PoS system on the market is used by more than 10,000 people in Estonia every day.

  • Easy to integrate
    CompuCash makes work easier. Integrate CompuCash with your accounting programme, payment solution, surveillance system or e-store.

  • Marketing opportunities
    CompuCash supports marketing. Manage your client base. Analyse and carry out campaigns, create loyalty solutions and e-store interfaces.

  • Customer support and equipment maintenance
    As a CompuCash customer, you will have round the clock maintenance and assistance service at your disposal.

For additional information and requests, please contact us here.

Professional accounting and financial consulting from Lettica OÜ

Clients of LHV and Lettica, who have used the accounting service offered by Lettica for a period of at least six months, will always receive a discount of 25% off the regular price of annual accounts.

Lettica offers a high-level accounting service, from the entry of source documents to the preparation of a balance sheet and annual accounts. It is also possible to order individual services, such as payroll, preparation of tax returns, and the submitting of reports and declarations.

You can find additional information here.

Charlot office supplies –20%

Charlot office supplies –20% and many other discounts
The following discounts are available to the business clients of LHV in the first 12 months following the conclusion of an agreement:

  • 20% discount on office supplies,
  • 7.5% discount on office appliances,
  • 7.5% discount on office consumables,
  • when purchasing five boxes of the copy paper Navigator Universal A4/80g/500L, the fifth box is free.

Cloud-based document management -20%

Cloud-based document management for small and medium-sized enterprises. Make the storage and management of your agreements, reports, acts, protocols and other digital documents simple and secure. A 20% discount applies to business clients of LHV.

  • Share a document, folder, theme or the whole account
  • Add meta information like tags, notes, signatories, or create your own information fields.
  • Find your documents with the powerful search function
  • Set reminders to documents
  • Store different versions of the same documents
  • Send the documents to the system with an e-mail to the designated address
  • Single-click back-up of local copies
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Send attractive sales invoices

  • The Sliptree invoicing programme is meant for beginning and small enterprises
  • Compiling invoices is simple and does not require training
  • Sliptree is available in 15 languages. Send your client an invoice in their native language.
  • Sliptree’s system verifies the VAT code of your client from the database, so that you would not need to pay fines later to the Tax and Customs Board due to trade of goods within the European Union.
  • At the end of the month, you can send all sales invoices to your accountant with a single mouse click
  • You get a great overview of the paid and unpaid invoices
  • Start the two-month free trial period of Sliptree now

Convenient web page or online store

Convenient web page or online store is free of charge for a business client of LHV for the first half-year

In the Elitec environment you can add the LHV bank link to your online store very easily and conveniently, regardless of the package chosen. First conclude a bank link agreement with LHV, to which LHV will apply a 50% discount on the price list price.

Discounts at LHV’s partners can be used by all business clients of LHV (incl. self-employed persons), who have concluded a client agreement with LHV and opened an account at LHV Pank. As an existing client, you can also contact a partner of LHV directly, using “LHV” as the keyword.

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