Card payments

The service charge of the Bank consists of several parts:

  • cross-usage charge,
  • processor’s charges,
  • charges of international card organisations,
  • bank’s margin.

Since the dynamics of the components differ, we prepare a separate offer for each trader.

It depends on what kind of terminal you wish to have. Monthly rental fees are approximately EUR 20 (plus VAT).

In that case, it should first be verified that the transactions were sent successfully. For that, please check if the daily report receipt came out of the terminal. If not, please send the transactions by following the instructions for your terminal, and the money will arrive in your account by 11.00 the next day. If that does not help either, write us at the e-mail address

In that case, we will ask you to send us the copies of the receipts for that day, together with a copy of the day’s transaction report receipt, to the e-mail address

The sales receipts from payment terminals must be kept for six months from the date of the transaction.

The money will arrive in the business’s account at LHV Bank by 11.00 on the following day.

The number of points of sale of a business is not limited. Neither is the number of terminals in one point of sale.

  • Check if the terminal is in the connection area. If not, move to a connection area.
  • Terminal needs a restart. Instructions on how to perform the operation are included in the User Manual.
  • If restarting does not help, contact the processing person by calling 671 1444.

We are offering the standard e-commerce solution available in Estonia. Its integration is similar with that of a bank link.

The e-commerce solution we are providing complies with all PCI-DSS requirements. To reduce fraud, we are using 3D-Secure card user authentication.

Yes, we do; however, since it is a risk product, we are very careful when it comes to selecting the traders to whom we issue such terminals.

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