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With LHV instalment payment, you will pay later, in two or three equal instalments

Shopping has never been so easy. LHV instalment payment allows you to make a purchase today but pay later in smaller instalments – and no additional fee will be added to your purchase price.

  • For purchases of € 100-500
  • No additional charges
  • You can divide the purchase amount into two or three equal parts
  • You will make the first payment no earlier than on the 20th day of the following month
  • Early repayment free of charge

You do not need to have an LHV bank account to pay in instalments.

  • Choose a shopping location and add the products you like to the shopping cart.

  • Choose LHV instalment payment as the payment method and specify the number of payments. Read the agreement and sign it digitally.

  • The merchant will deliver you the goods, and we will notify you as the payment date approaches.

Purchase amount

€ 100 to 500

Number of payments

Up to 3

Payment date

20th day

Early repayment

Early repayment of the entire purchase amount is free of charge.


Monthly payments are to be paid to the account EE707700771001062897; with the recipient being LHV Finance; reference number: your agreement number.

Customer support

Call 699 9119 Mon-Fri 9–17 or write to


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