Travel safely with all the family and enjoy the membership status of Estravel Gold Card

Broad-cover travel insurance

The travel insurance is valid anywhere in the world for trips lasting up to 90 days. The sums insured apply for each insured person and insured event separately. The insurance covers, for example, medical assistance, damage to baggage, cancellation or interruption of the trip and missed departures, as well as liability insurance for your rental car. The travel insurance applies to both business and personal trips, if you have an active Gold Card. Liability insurance cover for rental cars will be valid if 100% of the payment for the rental car has been made using the Gold Card. Please bare in mind that most car rental companies may only accept credit card payments. Travel insurance is provided by the AIG insurance company. What does the travel insurance cover?

Estravel Gold Card

To always ensure convenient travel and the best possible service, the LHV Gold Card may be supplemented with a free Estravel Gold Card. Estravel Gold Card holders receive priority service at Estravel, along with price discounts when buying travel services, numerous permanent discounts and special offers from Estravel’s partners. An AU-Client receives information on ordering the Estravel Gold Card together with the LHV Gold Card. Estravel Gold Card information



Travel insurance


Discounts and offers from Estravel Gold Card


Contactless payment


Payment for goods in Estonia, abroad and on the Internet


Cash withdrawal from any ATM


Price list and terms and conditions


Monthly fee


Issuing, renewal, closing




Cash withdrawals


Information request from an ATM


Extra card


Credit limit




Repayment of credit used


Payment Date


Payment from the credit account to the current account


Applicant requirements




Free (the applicant must conclude an LHV AU-Client agreement)

Free of charge


From LHV’s ATMs: free of charge (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of EUR 10,000 per month). ATMs of other banks: from the current account in Estonia and a contracting party to the EEA Agreement €1 and, elsewhere abroad €2 + 2.5% of the amount.

Free of charge at LHV ATMs, from the ATMs of other Estonian banks €0.20

Monthly fee €10

To apply for a card, you must be an Au-Client of LHV


Free (the applicant must conclude an LHV AU-Client agreement)

Free of charge


€2 + 2.5% of the sum

Free of charge at LHV ATMs, from the ATMs of other Estonian banks €0.20

Monthly fee €10

From €1000

From 16% Up to 40 days interest fee

It is possible to choose between an automatic monthly repayment of 0–100% of the credit limit or to pay at the time and in the amount that suits you. The selected option can be changed in the Internet Bank.

10th day

€2 + 2.5% of the sum

The applicant must be an Au-Client of LHV, at least 18 years of age, have a net income of at least €350 a month. If your pay has not been transferred to LHV Pank for the past six months, please submit an account statement for the last six months from the bank where your pay has been transferred.

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