Youth Card

Using the LHV Youth Card you can pay by swiping, get discounts from our partners and win prizes

  • Free bank card
  • Enjoy discounts
  • Pay with the card and win prizes
  • Your purchases are insured
  • Pick your colour

You can order the Youth Card if you are 25 years old or younger.

The Youth Card is all-powerful

Bank card without service fees
You can use the Youth Card to pay in Estonia, abroad and on the internet. Get your bank card conveniently delivered to your home. The account number associated with the card can be found on the back of the card. European payments are free in LHV – there are no service fees for transfers.

Pay by swiping
You can use the Youth Card to make contactless payments, which is a convenient and fast way to make payments of up to EUR 25.

Purchase insurance
Purchase insurance protects all durable goods that are paid with the Youth Card for a period of 180 days after the date of purchase.

Pay with the Youth Card and win prizes
By paying with the Youth Card you are entered into monthly prize draws. The more you pay with the Youth Card, the bigger the award and your chance of winning.

Receive discounts with the Youth Card
With the Youth Card you can enjoy discounts from our partners.

Withdrawing cash is free of charge from LHV ATM’s. Cash is withdrawn from the ATM’s of other banks in Estonia and Europe for only EUR 1.

Discounts with the Youth Card

When paying with the Youth Card, all hot food and drinks are 20% cheaper.

MyFitness+ Full package costs EUR 54. Becoming a member is free for all types of packages.

Lux Express
When showing your Youth Card, you will receive a discount of 30% on all routes within Estonia.

When paying with the Youth Card the goods of one brand will be 20% cheaper for you.

Prizes with the Youth Card

  • If you make 10 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Apollo cinema gift ticket draw. We will raffle off 100 x 2 gift tickets with a total value of EUR 20.

  • If you make 20 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Partner gift card draw. We will raffle off 50 gift cards, each with a value of EUR 25.

  • If you make 30 or more card payments per month, you will be entered into the Sportland gift card draw. We will raffle off 25 gift cards, each with a value of EUR 50.

Price List and Terms and Conditions

Monthly fee

No fee

Issuing, renewal, closing

Free of charge


5 €

Cash withdrawals
  • From LHV’s ATMs: free of charge (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of EUR 10,000 per month)
  • ATMs of other banks: from the current account in Estonia and a contracting party to the EEA Agreement € 11 and, elsewhere abroad € 2 + 2.5% of the amount
Cash deposits

Free of charge at LHV ATMs

Information request from an ATM
  • Free of charge from LHV ATMs
  • From the ATMs of other Estonian banks €0.20

What does purchase insurance cover?
The purchase insurance included with the Youth Card covers all purchases of durable goods made with your Youth Card for a period of 180 days after the purchase. The insurance cover helps in different instances, if the object is broken, has been destroyed or stolen. Read more about the Terms and Conditions of Insurance. The insurer is If P&C Insurance AS. The policyholder is LHV Pank AS.

Sums insured
In the case of purchase insurance a maximum insured amount is specified for each insured object, insured event and calendar year.


  • Minimum purchase value EUR 100
  • Maximum purchase value and indemnity for a single claim EUR 5000
  • Maximum compensation per insured event of electronic equipment is EUR 300
  • Maximum compensation per year for a single card holder EUR 10,000
  • Validity 180 days
  • Deductible EUR 30

What should I do in the case of a loss event?
In the case of a loss event, please complete the If Insurance property damage form. In the additional information field on the form, please be sure to include: LHV Purchase insurance.

Documents, which are required for completing the form:

  • sales receipt for the object and the card payment receipt
  • if the item in question can be repaired, then the repair estimate issued by the repair shop
  • if the incident involves a break-in or theft, then a police certificate must be submitted

Participating in the draw

  • All Youth Bank clients who have made at least 10 card payments with the LHV Youth Card in the previous calendar month before the draw, shall participate in the campaign.
  • The activity programme of the Youth Bank shall be launched on 27.08.2018. The draws shall take place once a month from 05.10.2018 until the bank decides to end the campaign.
  • Prior registration for the draw is not required; however, in order to participate in the draw, the terms and conditions must be accepted (incl. prize-winners consenting to have their name published on the websites of, in LHV’s magazine Investeeri, in client communications, e-mails and social media channels).
  • Employees of the bank and companies belonging to the same group as the bank (AS LHV Group, AS LHV Varahaldus, and AS LHV Finance), as well as their family members, are not eligible to participate in the draw.
  • The same person may win repeatedly.


  • Depending on the number of card payments made during the calendar month prior to the draw, the Youth Bank clients who comply with the campaign terms and conditions shall participate in the draw of the following prizes:
    • 10 or more card payments: Apollo Kino tickets to 100 clients (2 tickets per one client);
    • 20 or more card payments: 25-euro Partner e-gift card to 50 clients;
    • 30 or more card payments: 50-euro Sportland e-gift card to 25 clients.
  • The Bank’s representatives will draw the prize, from 5 October 2018 (including) on the 5th day of each month or the next bank day, in the attendance of the bank’s Compliance Officer.
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions established for participating in the draw shall be checked within 3 (three) days from the draw and if these have been complied with, the gift card shall be sent to the winner’s e-mail address that the winner has included in their contact details.
  • The person participating in the draw shall be responsible for keeping the e-mail address included in their client data correct and current. If the winner’s e-mail address turns out to be faulty or if the e-mail does not reach the winner due to reasons beyond the bank’s control, the winner shall lose their prize and a new draw shall not be organised.
  • The prize is not in any way replaceable or exchangeable and the bank shall not reimburse any expenses related to receiving the prize.


  • Each campaign participant must accept all rules established by the bank and all decisions made by the bank during the campaign.
  • Should circumstances of force majeure appear, the bank shall have the right to discontinue the campaign without prior notice or any consequences. If possible, the bank shall provide notice of such discontinuation through the bank’s website of or any other information channel.
  • The bank reserves the right to make any decisions regarding the promotional campaign without prior notice thereof. All complaints related to the organisation of the campaign must be presented to the bank via mail, to the address Tartu mnt 2, Tallinn 10145.
  • More information on the promotional campaign: 6 800 400 or or
  • The prize draw is organised by AS LHV Pank, address Tartu mnt 2 Tallinn, registry code 10539549, Tel. 6 800 400, e-mail