Football card

The Football Card is a bank card that enables you to support football in Estonia with each payment made

  • LHV Bank will pay 10 cents on all of your purchases to the football club of your choice.
  • The Football Card is the official fan card of Estonian football.
  • Enjoy various discounts

How will the support money accumulate?

When you order a card, you select the club you want to support. You can choose any club in Estonia—from the Estonian Premier League to lower leagues. List of Estonian football clubs

  • Pay for your purchases with LHV Football Card

  • LHV Bank will pay 10 cents on all of your purchases to the football club of your choice.

  • The amount accumulated by the end of the season will be transferred to the club once a year.

Features of the Football Card

Support football in Estonia with LHV Pank

LHV has been a supporter of Estonian football since 2010, both on the national level and the local league levels, including youth clubs. We are the main sponsor of the Estonian Football Association and the Estonian National Team.

Enjoy discounts
  • At least a 10% discount on full-fare single tickets to the home matches of the Estonian national team
  • Free entrance to the home matches of the Estonian youth national teams
  • 20% off all football equipment at Sportland stores. In order to get an offer, show your Football card at a Sportland store and register yourself a loyal customer of Sportland using your ID card
  • A 50% discount on joining MyFitness: 15 € (standard price: 30 €). The discount comes with a free gift and use of training facilities without a binding contract. When joining online use the code: LHVJalkA2020
  • Save 10% on any service or spare parts at ABC Motors
  • Save 10% on all regularly priced products at Baltman stores.

Functions also abroad and online

You can use LHV cards to pay in Estonia, abroad, as well as online.

Contactless payment

With LHV cards you can make convenient and fast contactless payments. You can also pay with an Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch.

PIN code

View card’s PIN code in the LHV mobile app or internet bank.

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Card mailed to your home

We will mail the card conveniently to your home, free of charge.

Secure card payments online

To ensure security and raise the feeling of confidence when making payments on the Internet, LHV has added a new security feature to its bank cards. After entering card data and the confirmation code, you must log in to the LHV internet bank as an additional form of identification, or use the security code sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

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Account number

The number of the account tied to the card is located on the rear of the card


Cash withdrawal from LHV’s ATM is free of charge. Cash withdrawal from the ATMs of other banks, in Estonia as well as Europe, is only 1 €. ATM locations

Invest with every card payment

Microinvestment enables you to grow your investment portfolio without even noticing, investing up to 1 euro to your Growth Account with each debit card payment.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a simple, secure and private method for making purchases in stores, apps and online.

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Google Pay

Google Pay is a faster and more secure way to pay, both offline and online.

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Your good deed

Activate a permanent donation with your card and do a good deed with each card payment.

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Price list and terms and conditions

Monthly fee

1 € (the monthly fee is valid for card holders between the ages of 26 and 65)

Issuing, renewal, closing

Free of charge


5 €

Cash withdrawals
  • From LHV’s ATMs: free of charge (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of 2000 € per month)
  • ATMs of other banks: from the current account in Estonia, Great Britain and a contracting party to the EEA Agreement € 11 (+ 0.3% of any amount in excess of 2000 € per month) and, elsewhere abroad 2 € + 2.5% of the amount
Cash deposits

Free of charge at LHV ATMs

Conversion fee for transactions in foreign currencies

1% of transaction amount

Currency Conversion calculator for MasterCard transactions

Information request from an ATM
  • Free of charge from LHV ATMs
  • From the ATMs of other Estonian banks 0.20 €

1 The EEA includes 27 EU Member States and 3 EFTA States: Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Documents and additional information

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