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Good deed

We have created an opportunity for our debit card holders to do a good deed with every card payment. Donation is voluntary and intended for all private individuals.

Every donation counts - every small amount helps to achieve a great goal. Let's do it together!

Who can be supported?

The mission of this charity is to make schools bullying-free. The charity has helped schools across Estonia to implement KiVa, the unique science and evidence-based program to prevent bullying. Anti-bullying charity’s activities depend to a large extent on donations and supporters.
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The aim of SOS Lasteküla is to increase the well-being of children and families in Estonia. SOS Lasteküla offers community-based family care and tailored support for families, promoting the well-being of families with children and raising funds to support families and children growing up in at-risk families.
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The mission of the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is to provide children in need of special treatments and care with the most modern treatment, medicines, aids and therapies that are not covered by state funds. They also help to acquire innovative equipment.
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The Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer was established in 1992 and its mission is to provide the necessary support to all children with cancer and their families in Estonia in the best possible way and within the limits of available opportunities. Every child must receive the best possible treatment.
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Varjupaikade MTÜ operates in six animal shelters all over Estonia. Their mission is to help stray pets return home and find new owners for homeless pets.
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Loomade Hoiupaik is the largest private animal shelter in the Nordic countries.
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Hille Tänavsuu Cancer Treatment Fund Gifted Life is a private cancer support fund. Its mission is to help cancer patients whose treatment is not supported by the state. The fund helps those in need to buy essential life-saving medicines, giving them hope, the opportunity to live longer or even to fully recover.
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The Estonian Green Movement (ERL) is a non-profit organization engaged in environmental protection. It aims to improve the situation of the Estonian environment and to guide our society towards a green and sustainable way of thinking. The main areas of the ERL are energy, mineral resources, and the economy.
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MTÜ Peaasjad deals with the promotion of mental health, prevention of problems, early intervention and reduction of stigmatization in Estonian society.
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The Estonian National Culture Foundation supports Estonian culture, education, science, medicine and sports with scholarships. The foundation is the oldest in Estonia working only on private donations. Every donation contributes to the preservation and further development of Estonian culture.
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SA Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Fond supports the brilliant ideas of people with disabilities and helps alleviate their burning needs. The aim is for everyone to be able to contribute to society, create added value and realize their potential. In addition, they support the development of the field by supporting a network of organizations of people with disabilities.
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The Women's Support and Information Centre brings together people committed to making the world a better place by providing psychological, legal, economic and emotional support to victims of domestic violence, helping them to break the cycle of violence.
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How does it work?

With an active debit card, you can turn donation on or off in the LHV mobile app or in the internet bank. You should also choose how much and to which charity you donate with each card payment.

You can change your choice at any time, for example, you can increase the amount of the donation or direct the donation to another organization. The change will take effect on the next calendar day.

We pay the collected donations to charities once a year.

As a donor, you will receive a refund of income tax on your donation. You will also see the total amount of your donations in the LHV mobile app and in the internet bank.

For example, if you make 15 card payments a month and donate 10 cents with each payment, your contribution to charity is 1.5 Euros per month and a total of 18 Euros per year.

How to activate?

Open the mobile app

Go to the card view

Click on the card

Opens the detailed information of the card, where you can see the charity block

Click on ‘Enable donations’

Choose an amount in cents to donate upon every card payment

Choose a charity organisation

When you have made your choice, click on ‘Enable’

Donations are enabled

In this app view, you can always change your donation settings or stop the donations

In the card view, you can see your current donation balance

Thank you for helping us do good things!


We take the accumulated donations from your account once a day and deduct them from your current account the next day. At the same time, we do not calculate donations from card payment reservations. From the account statement, you can keep track of how much you have donated to the selected charity on a daily basis.

LHV will send the amount of your donation and personal identification code to the charity. The personal identification code is required in order for you to receive a refund of income tax on the donation.

All you have to do is do a good deed and turn on permanent donation. The income tax refund will be taken care of automatically.

Yes, you can deduct the amount of donations from your taxable income. The charity organization you’ve donated to will forward the necessary information to the Tax and Customs Board.

Yes, an minor can also make donations. To do this, the parent or guardian with the right of representation must activate the permanent donation option for the child's debit card in the LHV mobile app or internet bank. There you should select the child's profile and then review his bank card.

No, there is no debt. If there is not enough money on your account to donate the selected amount, the donation will not be made.

No, donations to your selected charity organisation will continue automatically with the new card.

Activate a permanent donation with your debit card and do a good deed with each card payment

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