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All necessary payment methods

Fastest settlement

The most detailed transaction report

POS terminals available throughout the Baltics and Finland

In-store payments

We offer a wide range of the best payment terminals. Every merchant will be sure to find a suitable one for their needs. A new-generation POS terminal featuring user-friendly design allows you accept payments conveniently and reliably at maximum speed.

  • Card payments over the internet or cellular network
  • The battery power source ensures mobile ease of use
  • Compatible with cash register systems thanks to PosXML-integration support

We install POS terminals and provide user training for companies within five working days. Maintenance and repair guaranteed within 24 hours.

We offer POS terminals with internet connection (LAN)

  • A terminal that runs on mains power. Not portable
  • A merchant will need to have an internet connection: the router with a free LAN socket within 3 metres of the terminal and a electrical socket within 1.5 metres
  • This is a suitable option if the merchant does not need to move around with the terminal or does not have a cash register system that needs to be connected to the terminal
  • The terminal can be connected with a Nets Estonia certified cash register system. The amount payable will be fed to the payment terminal automatically from the cash register system

Portable POS terminal with mobile connectivity (GSM, GPRS or 3G)

  • Battery-powered or mains-powered terminal. Portable
  • Includes the SIM card needed for mobile data
  • A good option for a merchant with no fixed POS or who wants to move around within the POS
  • Suitable if there is no internet connection but mobile data is available
  • Suitable if there is no internet connection but the merchant wishes to receive a two-part terminal (solution consists of terminal + smartcard reader)

Bluetooth portable POS terminal

  • Suitable if the merchant has an internet connection in the POS but needs to travel in more than a 200 metre radius from the radio unit
  • Suitable for a merchant who has a cash register system they need to connect to the terminal
  • The terminal can be connected with a Nets Estonia certified cash register system. The amount payable will be fed to the payment terminal automatically from the cash register system

Cash register system payment solution

Online payments

In cooperation with EveryPay, LHV offers a payment solution for e-stores that ensures the company has the best possible selection of payment methods for accepting payments on the web and in apps.

All of the methods of payment you’ll need

LHV offers all necessary methods of payment to ensure that a company’s e-store customers can pay for their purchases quickly and conveniently:

  • card payments online (Visa and Mastercard)
  • bank links: LHV, Swedbank (EE, LV, LT), SEB (EE, LV, LT), Luminor (EE, LV, LT), Coop Pank (EE), Citadele (LV), and Šiaulių bankas (LT)
  • mTasku
It’s fast and easy to get started

Free modules for e-store platforms and separate AIP interface make it easy and efficient to add methods of payment:

  • Magento 2
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Shoproller
  • Voog
  • OpenCart
  • iOS ja Android SDK


Online payment solution supported in cash register systems

LHV’s online payment solution is supported by Estonia’s leading retail cash register and wallet systems:

Bank links – just like the customer wants

This is the easiest and most popular payment method for online purchases in the Baltics.

Namely, by concluding one agreement, bank links of all major banks operating in Estonia and the Baltics become available to you and each payment will be credited directly to your corporate account in LHV.

Standing order from bank card

Allows monthly payment for services provided regularly. Card payments are made automatically in the agreed amount at a fixed interval.

3-D Secure payments

LHV card payments are secure as we use the 3-D Secure protocol developed by international card issuers.

Redirect payment page

It is simple to add a redirect payment page to your e-store and the method of payment logo on the page allows customers to readily recognize it.

Checkout payment page

A good payment option directly in an e-store, with its own design.

Payment of invoices

Using a payment link, a customer can pay an invoice rapidly and conveniently the way they prefer.


This is a payment link that allows customers to pay an invoice using the method they desire. The payment link can be added to a company’s website, or sent to the customer by email or text message, shared in a chat, added to an invoice or printed as a QR code. You define the payment link transaction data yourself. You can specify the amount payable or let the customer designate it. LinkPay functionality is also supported by the Directo and Standard books by Excellent accounting system.

LinkPay’s possibilities
  • Pre-filled payment data
  • The customer can change the payment data, including the total
  • Design the payment link and add your own company’s logo
  • Specify the expiration time of the payment link
  • One-time payments
  • Sign up for direct debiting
  • Card payment, bank links and Apple Pay can be selected as method of payment

Merchant portal

The EveryPay merchant portal gives you an overview of your online payments and the possibility to analyse them. The analysis is assisted by full payment history information and transaction filter and data export features. In addition, online card payment transactions can be cancelled. To prevent fraud, the merchant portal is equipped with a powerful smart fraud protection module.

Go to the merchant portal

Overview of transactions and related fees

LHV internet bank generates a detailed payment acceptance report that ensures an overview of transactions in both accrual-based and expense-based view. If desired, download a detailed transaction-based report along with an overview of service charges.

View report

Technical support

As a card payment terminal user, you will benefit from around the clock support from Nets Estonia at 671 1444.Our partner in cooperation EveryPay can assist you in questions related to e-commerce.



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