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Partner Credit Card

With the Partner Credit Card you get triple purchase bonus

  • Flexible credit card and Partner Card offering numerous discounts
  • Up to 40 days interest free
  • Interest from 18%
  • Make contactless payments

Features of the Partner Credit Card

Purchase bonus

With a Partner Credit Card, you will accumulate 3 cents discount as a purchase bonus on every euro you spend at Kaubamaja, Selver and I.L.U. Just register your purchase as a loyal customer and use your Partner Credit Card to pay for it. If you pay for the purchase with a different bank card or in cash and register your Partner Credit Card, you will receive a 1 cent discount as a purchase bonus for every euro you spend.

Loyalty discounts

With a Partner Credit Card, you will get a 5% discount on all goods at the Tallinn and Tartu Kaubamaja, I.L.U. and L´Occitane.

40 days interest-free

An interest-free period of up to 40 days. The interest-free period does not apply to cash transactions.

Contactless payment

With LHV cards you can make convenient and fast contactless payments. You can also pay with an Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch.

Flexible repayment

When applying for a credit card, you decide in which sum and when you will repay the credit used. You can change it later in the internet bank.

  • Select 0% repayments, make the repayments at the time and in the sum you prefer.
  • Select 10–90% for the repayments, and pay the credit back in predetermined instalments.
  • Select 100% for the repayment and the whole sum will be credited from your current account the next month.
Change the repayment sum
Secure card payments online

To ensure security and raise the feeling of confidence when making payments on the Internet, LHV has added a new security feature to its bank cards. After entering card data and the confirmation code, you must log in to the LHV internet bank as an additional form of identification, or use the security code sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

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Card mailed to your home

We will mail the card conveniently to your home.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a simple, secure and private method for making purchases in stores, apps and online.

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PIN code

View card’s PIN code in the LHV mobile app or internet bank.

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Google Pay

Google Pay is a faster and more secure way to pay, both offline and online.

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Price list and terms and conditions

Monthly fee

1 € (the monthly fee is valid for card holders between the ages of 26 and 65)


From 18%, depends of the client’s credit capacity.

Interest free period of 40 days for payments, none for cash1

Credit limit

From 300 € and up to 2 months’ net income

Repayment of credit used

It is possible to choose between an automatic monthly repayment of 0–100% of the credit limit or to pay at the time and in the amount that suits you. The selected option can be changed in the internet bank.

Payment Date


Renewal, closing

Free of charge


5 €

Conversion fee for transactions in foreign currencies

1% of transaction amount

Currency Conversion calculator for MasterCard transactions

Cash withdrawals

2 € + 2.5% of the sum

Payment from the credit account to the current account

2 € + 2.5% of the sum 2

Information request from an ATM

Free of charge at LHV ATMs From the ATMs of other Estonian banks 0.20 €

Applicant requirements
  • An adult Estonian citizen or a person with a residence permit whose residence permit is valid at least until the expiry date of the card
  • Your monthly net income must be at least 350 €

If your pay has not been transferred to LHV Pank for the past six months, please submit an account statement from the bank where your pay has been transferred to date.

1 An interest-free period is not applied for the credit limit withdrawn as cash from the credit account or transferred to the current account.

2 If the transaction from the credit account to the current account is concluded in the Client Office, a transaction fee of 2 € is added. No service fee will be applied to funds exceeding the credit limit – for example, if your limit is 500 €, but there is 600 € on your credit account, then fees will not be assessed for transferring 100 €.

Always consider your credit decisions carefully. Take a look at the terms and conditions and consult our specialist. The annual percentage rate of Partner Credit Card is 18.70% per annum on the following example conditions: credit limit 1,000 €, interest rate 18% (fixed), monthly fee of the card 1 €, interest-free period 26 days, repayment sum of 1,093.42 €, assuming that the limit is used immediately, in its full amount and returned in the course of one year in equal monthly instalments.

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