Information related to the spread of COVID-19

Coronavirus is spreading actively in Estonia. As a provider of vital services, we at LHV continue our work to ensure that you can also conveniently use the banking services at this present time.

As a customer of LHV, you can do nearly all banking operations without leaving your home using the mobile app or internet bank. Doing so enables to limit contacts and also limit the spread of the virus.

Daily banking

Our Tallinn and Tartu branch offices are operating as usual, however we ask you to only visit a branch office in case of emergency and when you are healthy, to protect the health of yourself as well as the service attendants. We urge using electronic service channels for your daily banking operations. The e-mail address of customer support is and the phone number is 6 800 400. Additionally, you can contact us using the real-time chat.

All customer support contacts are available on our homepage

First and foremost, we provide the service to customers by phone and e-mail. We answer the 24h customer support line 6 800 400 and will be happy to support you. Do not worry if your call is not answered immediately. We will return your call or contact you by e-mail. The time of responding to contacts may be longer than usual.

All bankcards are functioning as usual.

Bankcard payments are operating as usual. The safest way is not to touch the terminal, but use contactless payments. The limit for contactless payment will be € 50, meaning you do not have to enter your PIN until you reach that amount. If it is still not possible to avoid entering the PIN, we recommend cleaning your hands immediately afterwards.

You can order a new bankcard via mobile app or internet bank. At the moment, we ask you to choose ordering a bankcard to your home address.

All LHV’s ATMs are functioning as usual, however some shopping malls might have restricted access to ATM-s. However, if possible we recommend that you pay by using electronic payment options. ATM-s locations

Although the ATMs are cleaned regularly, it is not possible after servicing each customer. Accordingly, we advise you to wash or disinfect your hands after using the ATM or handling cash. The risk of spreading the virus can also be reduced by using gloves.

All payments move as usual. We urge you to use electronic channels – mobile app or internet bank – for forwarding your payment orders. In case of need, you can change the payment limits in internet bank. With instant payment, the money/transfer will reach another bank (Swedbank, SEB; Coop) immediately.

LHV stockbrokers are usually open from 9 am to 11 pm during market opening hours. All transaction orders executed through the internet bank or client office will be executed in chronological order, however, in the event of certain market events, it should be kept in mind that last-minute transactions may not be executed on the same trading day.

LHV Trader and LHV Broker money transfers are made as usual, i.e. once an hour, until 5 p.m.

Loans, leases and hire-purchase

The effect of the pandemic means, that many Estonian companies and private persons are facing difficult economic choices. As usual, LHV offers grace periods to private as well as corporate loan customers. It is paramount that when worries arise, they should be adressed as soon as possible, before any arrears occur.

If you need grace leave, please submit an application. It is important that the application for the grace period reaches us before any arrears occur. For extension of an existing grace period, please consult you client manager or write to

For companies, it is possible to apply for a grace period of up to six months. The grace period can be taken on the loan principal without changing the other terms of the loan agreement. If your company needs a grace period, please contact your loan manager.

Micro loan clients are kindly requested to complete the grace period application or send us an email at

It is important that the application for the grace period reaches us before any arrears occur.

All cases will be handled following the effective terms and conditions. We deem it to be an insured event, if it entails an unwanted loss of job or sickness lasting for more than 30 days. However, a lay-off or suspension of an employment contract, as well as a certificate for care leave are not insured events. For more detailed information or for registering an insured event, write to

Travel insurance

Travel insurance of LHV bankcards is provided by If Kindlustus. If the trip is cancelled due to an epidemic, the travel insurance does not cover any damages. We therefore recommend that you contact your airline or shipping company regarding any cancellation or reimbursement of your cancelled flight or ferry ticket.

While abroad, when an outbreak or emergency situation is declared in the destination or transit area of the trip, If will compensate additional cost of transportation and accommodation related to returning to Estonia in accordance to travel insurance (Travel interruption due to evacuation).

For answers to our questions, visit If’s website, call the insurance phone number +372 777 1211 or write to


During the second wave of Corona Virus, phishing e-mails and rogue phone calls also spread more actively than usual, which is why customers should take extra care when carrying out their banking operations on the internet or receiving unexpected phone calls and do all they can to identify potential scams.

LHV never forwards their customers references to the homepage via text messages. If you have received a phishing text message, a suspicious e-mail or phone call, inform us at the address or

When logging in to internet bank, always make sure that it is the official channel of LHV. This is indicated by the proper URL with functioning links and an appropriate page as well as the small green padlock symbol on the address line of the web browser. The homepage address of LHV always begins with or

Please keep in mind that PIN 2 of a Smart-ID and Mobile-ID is used for signing agreements and confirming payments only. LHV never asks for PIN 2 for logging in to internet bank. PIN codes are never asked for during phone calls.

Please see whether you have appropriate limits for your internet bank. Do not keep limits too high, as you can always change their size, if necessary.

Report a malicious page

Read more about security in using banking services

Apply for a grace period

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