What is e-identification?

It is a fast and convenient solution for a private person to open a bank account in a way that you identify yourself electronically in the Internet Bank. Use this type of identification when your monthly settlements are up to 15,000 € per month.

Fast and convenient

It only takes a few minutes and you can do it without leaving home at a time that is convenient for you.

For whom

For an adult private person who is a citizen of Estonia or a person who has a valid residence permit in Estonia.

Technical requirements

To log in to the Internet Bank, you need a valid ID-card with an ID-card reader, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

Required documents

You need a valid ID-card, passport, or a residence permit card issued in Estonia.


If you have identified yourself electronically, the account will have a withdrawal restriction of 15,000 € per month pursuant to the law (including card payments and securities transactions). If you require to use larger amounts of funds available on your account within a month (incl make a payment with currency exchange through TransferWise) or use LHV Trader or Broker, you should identify yourself at our nearest identification points to open an account.

Identification process

  • Open an account
    Fill in the form to open an account

  • Log in to the Internet Bank
    For this, you shall need

    • your username and
    • ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.
  • Conclude a client agreement
    Identify your person electronically and sign the client agreement.

  • Done
    Start using the banking service.

Identification points

Identification in order to open a bank account can be performed electronically via the Internet Bank or a face to face meeting at the nearest identification point. Please bring along a valid identity document to identify yourself.

Find the nearest identification point

Identification process

  • Open an account
    Fill in the form to open an account

  • Visit an identification point
    Bring along a valid personal identification document.

  • Sign the client agreement
    Enter the Internet Bank and sign the client agreement digitally.

  • Ready
    Begin using banking services.