Video identification

A simple way to open a bank account

  • Identification through video
  • The Client Agreement is concluded in the Internet Bank
  • Innovative and secure

What is video identification?

Video identification is an innovative and secure solution that enables private persons to use a video bridge to identify themselves and open a bank account.

Fast and convenient

Video identification takes around 15 minutes and can be carried out without leaving your home, Monday to Friday from 9–19, and Saturday from 10–17.

For whom

Video identification is available to adult private persons who are Estonian citizens or hold a valid residence permit in Estonia.


Choose a place or a room without any unrelated persons, where you can fill in the form for opening a current account and answer the questions in the video interview without any distractions.

Technical requirements

For personal identification, you need a valid ID card with an ID card reader or Mobile ID. Video identification can be carried out with a computer that has internet connection, a functioning web cam, microphone and Chrome, Firefox or Opera internet browser.


In the case of video identification the monthly limit prescribed by law is EUR 10,000 and does not include the option to conclude an investment services agreement. If within a period of one month you would like to withdraw the money from your account and use it in a larger amount, or invest it, then you must identify yourself in person at one of our branches or at one of our cooperation partners.

Identification process


Open an account
Fill in the form to open an account.


Identify yourself through video
Following the instructions in the video identification environment

  • take a picture of the front and back side of your ID card,
  • take a portrait picture of yourself,
  • answer the questions in the video interview.


Conclude a client agreement
Enter the Internet Bank and sign the client agreement digitally.


Start using the banking service.