Student Loan application

I confirm that all of the information provided in the application is correct and I agree to the processing of my personal data by AS LHV Pank (LHV) in accordance with the Principles of Processing Customer Data at LHV. I am aware that LHV may make an automated decision for issuing credit to me and I may object to the decision in order to protect my legitimate interests.

I hereby confirm that the third parties whose data I am disclosing have granted their consent to the forwarding of their data to LHV, and have agreed and are aware that LHV has the right to contact them and to process the disclosed data, for the purposes of concluding an agreement, in accordance with the Principles of Processing Customer Data at LHV.

I confirm and also agree that LHV may forward the information presented in the application to insurers or brokers* in order to make insurance offers regarding assets serving as collateral for the performance of the loan agreement, and to conclude insurance contracts. I am aware that if I am not interested in receiving any insurance offers, I can give notice of this at

LHV informs you that if you fail to submit the information or evidence necessary to assess creditworthiness, and accordingly, LHV is not able to assess your creditworthiness, it will not be possible to conclude a credit agreement with you.

* LHV Bank operates as the insurance agent of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonia branch (registry code: 12970620) and has been entered in the list of insurance brokers published on the website of the Financial Supervision Authority.