Opening hours and processing of payments during the Midsummer Holidays


During the Midsummer Holidays, there will be some changes to LHV’s business hours that should be taken into account when planning your financial matters.

On Monday, 24 June, our offices will be closed. During the holidays, our partner will provide support to callers of the client support number 6 800 400.

Intra-bank payments and instant interbank payments will be processed around the clock, with European payments being processed until 16.45 on Friday. The receipt of instant payments in the beneficiary’s account will be extended by the duration of the holidays.

On 24 June, automatic order transmission to European and US exchanges will take place, and an on-call broker will be on hand to assist with more critical issues by phone. Please send your LHV Trader money transfers by 14.00 and they will be processed by 15.00, at the latest.

Happy Victory Day and a pleasant Midsummer Day!

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