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We acknowledge our responsibility in moving towards a more sustainable economy

As a financier of the economy, the financial sector has a key role to play in steering entrepreneurship towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly path

LHV is committed to supporting inclusive and sustainable economic development. Read more: AS LHV Group 2023 ESG report.

LHV has signed up to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. We provide an annual report on the implementation of the Principles. Read our report.

We measure and reduce our company’s CO₂ footprint. Year by year, we have expanded the activities included in our calculation. See the data for 2022.

We have outlined and confirmed our own sustainability ambition in the LHV Group ESG policy.

We have published a list of activities that go against LHV’s credit policy.

We want to be one of the private sector leaders in environmentally friendly investments. Also see the LHV Varahaldus principles for responsible investments and the Policy for exercising voting rights.

LHV is one of the founders of the Green Tiger platform.

We adhere to the principles of a green office. Our Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu branches all hold the European Green Office certification and the BREAAM certificate.

The Gold Label recognises an outstandingly responsible organisation that is consciously responsible and demonstrates the initiative, systemic nature and consistency that ensure responsible behaviour at all levels of management and by all employees. The company acts as a role model and a leader for the spread of responsible behaviour to other organisations or stakeholders in its sector.


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