Our values

We’re not afraid to dream big and outside of our own comfort zone. By being brave in our decision processes, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional banking.

Mediocracy is just not for us- We strive to be ahead of our time and can only achieve it through innovation.

We can only grow when our people are constantly evolving into becoming the best they can be. Only with mutual support and self-development can we take our business and ourselves further.

Heart of a bank with a startup mindset
LHV is not just another bank. Banking is at the core of our business, but we think more like a startup. We’re inspired by innovative ideas, new opportunities, and top-notch technologies.

We aim to be the pioneers of doing things differently and innovating our industry’s market. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, learn from them and grow as a result of it. This can only be achieved by being active, result-oriented and having a progressive, technology first mindset.

You are responsible for the way you work, and you’ll get enough freedom to choose how, where and when you do it. The concept of work and how it’s done is changing, we’re aware of the developments and know the future of work is different than it has been in the past. Therefore, we trust our people to work in a way that makes them most happy.

Trust in a common goal
We’re an Estonian bank. The decisions we make in growing our business and affecting the financial environment is done together. We’re connected by a common goal, trust and the joy of achieving great things together. At LHV, everyone can do their part and see their contribution to a common success story.

The younger generation

Did you know that 10% of our people have started at LHV as interns?

Younger generation

Your success story could get a head start right here at LHV
We’re firm believers that the future of banking is in the hands of young talent full of potential and drive. For several years now, we’ve offered internship positions for students across various fields. We trust you with real work and give you plenty of opportunities to have your say in important matters. In addition to that, you’ll get to take part in exciting training seminars and fun events with the LHV team.

The application round for Summer internship programs opens in February each year. Unfortunately, we’ve stopped taking applications for this year's program. Do check back again next year.

You’re important to us

There’s no success without great people behind it. We’re working hard to create an environment, where each and every one of us feels taken care of and valued.

It’s important to us that our people constantly widen their horizons, keep up to date with the trends and technologies of our industry, and see the big picture. We’re always learning from and inspiring each other, only that way can we grow in the same direction. At LHV, you'll get to enjoy countless challenging projects, attend exciting seminars, draw inspiration from our private library, and express your opinions on things that really matter. You’ll grow hand in hand with LHV.

Our people
The people at LHV share that special something, an X-factor, something you can’t quite put your finger on. We love celebrating big and small victories together, we notice and recognize each other’s accomplishments, and enjoy each other's company at different LHV events. You can be confident to find friends among our team of 350 awesome people.

Work-life balance
We value your personal life and support you in finding the right work-life balance. In LHV you’ll have additional personal days, winter holidays and can take time off for important life events. In addition to that, you can be flexible in regards to where and when you work. We want your time spent with us to be special, but we know there’s more to life than just work.

Everything starts with you being healthy and happy. And this means taking care of both your physical and emotional health. For that, we support you with additional sick days, massage in the office, dental care, and sports as well as psychological counseling if needed.

All work and no play never helped anyone. At LHV, when not at work, we love to play sports together. We’re especially fond of volleyball, badminton, squash, football, triathlon, and tennis.


LHV’s principles for the processing of personal data in the recruitment of staff

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