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Google Pay, a new payment solution for e-merchants, is gaining popularity

25. january 2024LHV

People are increasingly shopping online, which means that clients’ expectations for online stores are increasing as well. LHV’s e-commerce payment solutions now include all the most popular payment methods, with the addition of the popular Google Pay.

When setting up an online store and developing your own online business, it is important to pay attention to the fact that clients’ journey from entering the e-shop to making a purchase should be convenient and secure. It is particularly important that payment is made as simple as possible – that’s to say, that there are different payment options available in order to avoid the purchase remaining unfinished or not executed due to the lack of a suitable payment method.

One of the latest payment methods alongside card payments, bank links, mTasku and Apple Pay is Google Pay, which opens up another convenient and popular option for online traders and their clients to make a purchase.

Google Pay allows clients to make a purchase in just a few moments without having to re-enter their card details for each purchase. In addition, Google Pay uses a very high level of security, including encrypted payment data and multi-factor authentication.

For the merchant, it is also very simple, as LHV’s online payment solution integrates Google Pay seamlessly with the merchant’s online store platform, after which clients who have set up a Google Pay account on their device will be able to use this payment method.

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