LHV mobile bank improved

13. December 2017

Once again, some useful features have been added to LHV’s mobile bank app. Finances can be increasingly dealt with via mobile phones; this is further evidenced by the growth of mobile bank use – this year the number of LHV mobile bank users has increased by 46%.

Mobile bank is a concise channel to monitor and control your bank dealings. LHV has added the most recent update to both the iOS and Android versions of its mobile bank – options to terminate a small loan, hire purchase and leasing ahead of term. It is now possible to view the status of the second pillar pension fund in the mobile bank. It is also possible to set a correct telephone number for each bank card in order to use the service “Secure card payments online” using the verification code sent to the phone. Moreover, the design, security and convenience settings of the mobile bank have been updated.

21,000 bank customers are already using LHV mobile bank. For instance, in November LHV mobile bank was used on 477,000 occasions.

LHV mobile bank can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.
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