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In order to apply for a limit and sign the contract you must autheticate yourself first. You do not have to be an LHV customer to enter.

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Car loan can only be applied by a private person.

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Querying tax data

The purpose of the query of tax data is to automatically pull your data from the Tax and Customs Board information system so that we could more quickly analyse your credit application. Data are queried for the 12 months that preceded your informed consent. Giving consent is voluntary. With your consent, LHV Finance can receive the following data from the Tax and Customs Board:

  • income on the basis of income tax return, other than gains from selling property and taxes paid on such gains;
  • disbursements declared by employers on the basis of the TSD form;
  • allowance for reduced work ability, unemployment insurance compensation and severance pay, pensions, contributions to the third pillar of the pension system, disbursements from the funded pension on the basis of TSD form;
  • entries on employment made into the registry of employment;
  • dividends and disbursements made from owners’ equity;
  • tax arrears if at least €100. Past tax arrears are sent if the tax debt was ≥ €100 as of the first day of the month.

LHV Finance is responsible for processing the queried data.
Additional information on processing of your data and your rights in that regard is available: Principles for processing customer data.
If you have any questions about tax data, please contact the Tax and Customs Board information line at 880 0811.