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The one-click payment LHV bank link elevates the online client shopping experience to a new level

04. april 2024LHV

At a time when people are increasingly preferring to shop online, the e-shopping experience – from choosing a product or service to making a purchase – is also becoming increasingly important. As a merchant, you can do a lot to make your clients’ shopping experience both memorable and smooth.

One of the new special solutions offered by LHV is the one-click payment bank link, which will help you increase your sales and make it even more convenient to make a purchase, thereby helping to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.

At the time of purchase, the merchant can ask the client for consent to save their payment preference in order to offer loyal clients one-click payments in the future. The payment preference can only be saved if the client can log in to the e-shop using authentication. In order to save a preference, the client has to make a single purchase, and for a subsequent payment, the client can make the purchase with just one click.

For the client, a one-click payment bank link means, above all, a fast and convenient purchase process, as payment details are pre-filled for each subsequent transaction.

For the merchant, the one-click payment solution means a satisfied client as the purchase process is shortened to seconds. Some of the arguments that go along with the one-click payment:

  • Increased sales – clients enjoy a simplified and fast buying process and you increase your turnover and profits. In addition, the likelihood of abandoned or forgotten shopping baskets is reduced.
  • Fast payments – the one-click bank link payment is a convenient payment method for registered clients. A saved payment preference encourages clients to visit your online shop and make purchases more often.
  • Tokenisation and protection of bank data – to eliminate security risks, each token created is unique and securely protected.

How does a one-click payment work?

  1. The client logs in to the e-shop using authentication and makes one successful transaction.
  2. The payment preference that the client selects for the initial transaction is tokenised and the payment preference is stored in the system.
  3. The next time the client makes a purchase, the merchant can offer the client their previous payment preference, thereby facilitating payment.
  4. That is all. With just one click, the client makes a payment and you make a profit.