We have developed special loan offers that motivate our clients to make environmentally responsible consumer decisions.

LHV’s influence in the Estonian financial sector is continually growing. As a part of a sector that is vital for society, we have a direct and indirect effect on our surroundings and make our most significant contribution through investing and financing. That is why we have decided to channel cash flows from our core activities more concertedly to activities that support the transition to climate- neutral and sustainable economy.

We have developed special loan offers that motivate our clients to make everyday consumer choices that are as environmentally responsible as possible.  In this way, we do our part to support economic growth, which at the same time reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution and waste generation. This also makes the use of natural resources more efficient.

Green home loan

One of the most important consumer decisions a person will ever make – in terms of the financial cost and the environmental impact – is regarding purchasing their home. One-third of the average Estonian’s annual CO2 footprint is related to their home – mostly deriving from energy used for heating and emissions arising from use of household electricity.

We would like to promote the building and buying of the most energy efficient homes, so we’re offering a green home loan:

  • Estonia’s first green home loan
  • Interest for energy class A homes and apartments: 2.1% + 6 month Euribor
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Green leasing

We aim to promote the purchase of energy efficient vehicles. The most energy-efficient vehicle you can choose to drive is a fully electric car. But to be sure of its level of sustainability, the energy needs to entirely derive from renewable sources.

From 2026 onwards, only cars with zero CO2 emissions per kilometre are considered clean vehicles. Only electric and hydrogen vehicles will meet this standard.

The future starts now.  So we’re offering car leasing on new fully electric vehicles on the following terms:

  • a down payment of 10% of the price of the vehicle
  • leasing period of up to 84 months
  • 10% additional discount on LHV comprehensive insurance
  • over 6 months, we offer an interest rate of 2.29% + 6 month Euribor on leases of electric vehicles

Green hire-purchase

Renewable energy sources are undeniably an investment for the future. Using solar panels for generating energy and heating homes and household water with   geothermal energy is a smart choice. Also, instead of driving vehicles that run on fossil fuels, try considering electric monowheels or two-wheeled vehicles.

We want to make it easier for you to make energy-efficient choices.

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Green investment loan for companies

Estonian economy is too carbon-intensive. Therefore, investing in lower energy consumption, production of renewable energy or daily resource efficiency is very profitable and will increase the competitive advantage of any company.

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Green loan for housing development

For people to have energy-efficient apartments, someone has to build them.

  • investment loans for energy class A housing developers with interest rate 0.5% lower than usual
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