Warehouse financing

Warehouse financing ensures liquidity for a company on the basis of warehouse stocks, even when there is no traditional immovable property security

  • Alternative to working capital financing
  • Flexible structure
  • Transaction based financing
  • Professional counselling

Warehouse financing is the financing of already purchased or to be purchased liquid commodities for companies with long-term trading experience.

Applicant requirements
  • Long-term experience in trading with a corresponding product group
  • Professional management
  • Additional criteria depending on the transaction
Requirements for the transaction and goods
  • Goods stored with an independent warehouse keeper
  • A contract of sales is concluded for the sale of goods
  • The goods are liquid and freely negotiable (stock goods)

Transaction procedure

  • The goods arrive at the independent warehouse keeper’s warehouse, who issues the bank a warehouse receipt

  • The bank pays a part of the cost of the goods

  • The bank is liable for the transportation of the goods to the buyer or the repayment of the loan amount


Enn Leet

Head of Trade Finance

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684 6163


Marge Kütt

Trade Finance Product Manager

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