We are automatically adding the free service Secure card payments over the internet to all LHV bank cards.

Secure card payments over the internet, i.e. 3D-Secure authentication means three-step confirmation. Following the entry of card data and the confirmation code one must enter the LHV Internet Bank as an additional form of identification or use the security code sent to their mobile phone via text message.

If you make a purchase in an online store that is not a party to the secure card payments online service, you will not be prompted for additional identification.

Identification with a security code sent via text message

Identification via a security code delivered by text message can be used if your telephone number has been saved in the LHV Internet Bank. In this case you no longer need an ID card or Mobiil-ID. This is why this method of identification is especially convenient, for example, if you are on a trip.
To save your telephone number in the Internet Bank, select Bank Cards from the left-hand menu, click on the desired card and select Card details and limits. Then click Change card limits. You will find the option to enter your telephone number in the menu Secure card payments online.

Identification via entry into the Internet Bank

If you select this method of identification, the web page for entering the Internet Bank will be opened for you. Enter using your ID card or Mobiil-ID.

Identification process

  • Enter the required data for the internet purchase: card data and confirmation code

  • Select the method of identification: entry into Internet Bank or security code sent via text message

  • Enter the Internet Bank or the security code sent via text message

  • If personal identification is successful, you will be directed back to the merchant to confirm payment

All LHV bank cards