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SEB Konservatiivne Pensionifond
Active Management • Conservative Strategy
10 year net yield
Risk level
Invests into Estonia
Fund investors

Suitable if

  • you have less than 3 years until retirement,
  • you prefer a low-risk fund,
  • your goal is to maintain the pension assets.
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Fund mainly invests in bonds and deposits. Investment in these asset classes involves lower risks, meaning that there is little fluctuation in the value of the fund's assets.

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Biggest investments

The data is presented as at 31.07.2019

Biggest investments
Bundesrepublic Deutschland 3% 04.07.202018.10%
iShares EUR Corp Bond 1-5yr UCITS ETF EUR Dist13.54%
iShares Core EUR Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist)8.66%
UBS ETF-Barclays Euro Area Liquid Corporates 1-5 Year UCITS ETF8.45%
iShares EUR Corporate Bond Large Cap UCITS ETF8.18%
Bundesrepublic Deutschland 1.5% 15.02.20234.60%
Lithuanian Government Bond 0.7% 27.05.20203.51%
Republic of Lithuania 7.375% 11.02.20202.89%
iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITS ETF2.82%
SEB Fund 4 Short Bond Fund Euro2.81%

Biggest investments in Estonia

Biggest investments in Estonia
Luminor Bank Estonia 1,5% 18.10.20212.11%
Elering 0.875% 03.05.20231.08%
Baltic Horizon Fund 4.25% 08.05.20230.40%

Asset Classes

The data is presented as at 31.07.2019.

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